The ThermaSol Pro Series Is Back Online!

thermasol steam shower head with chromatherapy

The generator is the backbone of any steam shower and you can’t go wrong with a ThermaSol Pro generator.

If you have been a PlumbersStock for a while, you may remember that we used to sell ThermaSol. They asked that retailers stop selling their product online for a time, but we are happy to announce that the ThermaSol Pro series is back! Online retailers have been given the go ahead to list products again, so we are back in business.

As you browse our products, keep in mind if the listing says See Sale Price in Cart it means we are offering a deal so good that we can’t advertise it. Simply add the product to cart to see the discounted price.

The different models within this series differ in that they are built for different sizes of space. For example, these are the most popular options:

  • ThermaSol Pro-140 will have you covered for a space up to 140 cubic feet. Keep in mind that you will not can save by going smaller than this (we have one for as little as 84 cubic feet).
  • ThermaSol Pro-240 is obviously built for a space up to 240 cubic feet. This one is our best seller.
  • And the ThermaSol Pro-395 is for 395 cubic feet.

If you don’t find what you are looking for there, we have other options too, all the way up to a capacity of 850 cubic feet.

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Introducing the New Elkay Quartz Luxe Farmhouse Sinks

top view of elkay quartz luxe farmhouse sinkIf you are a fan of the Elkay Quartz collection, then you will understand why we are so excited to be introducing the new Elkay Quartz Luxe Farmhouse sinks. These sinks are exceptionally tough and silky smooth to the touch. It offers various options with striking colors that will truly make a statement about your kitchen design. The Farmhouse sink includes the Quartz Luxe collection’s most enticing features:

  • The silky sink surface resists dirt, making them easier to clean, thus they are low maintenance.
  • They offer superior strength, designed with proprietary fibers cast into the sink, which makes them additionally resistant to impact.
  • The colors are bold and rich!
  • The surface is both stain and smudge resistant.
  • These kitchen sinks are heat proof up to 535°F.
  • Food and liquids won’t stick to the nonporous material, which helps to prevent the creation and spread of bacteria.
  • Last but not least, the thick material absorbs noise, so it offers natural soundproofing.

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DreamLine Shower Sale – Summer 2017

stainless steel DreamLine SHDR-64487610-07 Enigma frameless sliding shower doorYou need to act fast while these prices last on our summer 2017 DreamLine shower sale. Because of their beautiful and innovative bathroom solutions, DreamLine shower products are very popular. These are custom shower door solutions that offer the affordability of pre-fabricated products.

Remember, these prices are only available for a limited time and are subject to change at any time! We always have good prices on DreamLine, so even if you miss this summer sale, be sure to browse around.

DreamLine makes shower doors with various kinds of functionality, and they range from tried and true practical options to the stunningly original. The great thing about their shower and tub doors is that they can be adjusted to fit if the measurements aren’t quite exact. Continue reading

Affinity iLumaLight Toilet Seat Review

bemis affinity ilumalight night light toiletAt PlumbersStock, we love Bemis Company and we’re so excited for the new Affinity iLumaLight collection. The beauty of this technology is that it offers an 8-hour night light that will illuminate your bathroom so that you don’t have to flip on the light switch in the middle of the night.

If you are considering installing a new toilet seat in your bathroom, please read our Affinity iLumaLight toilet seat review so that you have a clear understanding of everything it has to offer. It’ll be hard to pass up once you are familiar with it!

The reason this is such appealing technology is that light awakens you significantly, creating a much greater interruption in your sleep cycle. Sleep specialists recommend that you don’t turn on the light for these midnight trips to the bathroom, but you need some illumination. The Affinity iLumaLight toilet seat is the perfect solution for you. They light up red because this color is proven to be the least disruptive to sleep. Continue reading

Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Thermostats Review

front view of the honeywell lyric t6 smart thermostatThe new Honeywell Lyric T6 smart thermostats offer state of the art scheduling technology. It has unbelievable features, including:

  • Program it to match your unique schedule and the smart technology will automatically adjust to more efficient operation as your schedule changes.
  • GPS technology (called Geofencing) recognizes when you are on your way home and it adjusts the home’s temperature, accordingly. It knows how long it takes to get your home to the desired temperature.
  • It integrates with Apple HomeKit so that you can control your home’s security, lighting, etc. in one easy to use platform.
  • Integrates with Alexa.

The Lyric Smart Thermostat system is compatible with both iOS and Android. There are two main products in this series you should be considering:

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GeneralAire Water Savor Controller Review

If you are one of the millions of Americans who uses a humidifier, you should strongly consider getting the GeneralAire Water Savor Controller. The benefit is that it helps you conserve a lot of water. Up to 96% water savings, to be exact.

Buy the GeneralAire 7081 Water Savor Controller here at PlumbersStock. In case you are in the market for one, we also have humidifiers.

The Water Savor will work with any model of humidifier with a flow-through bypass. This is a smart investment for a number of reasons:

  1. The Water Savor is very affordable.
  2. 40 of 50 states (according to their water managers) are expecting shortages of water at least in some parts of their states, in the next ten years.
  3. You can reduce your water bill substantially. The water savings infographic you see is based on a 5-month heating season and 20 minutes per hour. It demonstrates that you can reasonably expect to reduce your usage from around 10,000 gallons to around 1,000.
  4. If you are conservationist, this becomes a no-brainer. You can reduce your impact on the environment substantially with a small investment.

As you’ve come to expect, PlumbersStock offers great prices on GeneralAire products, and it’s no exception with the GeneralAire Water Savor Controller.
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Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module Review

Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module for control with smart phoneAre you ready for the future of sprinkler system controls? If so, then you need to check out how the new Rain Bird LNK WiFi module is changing the game. Here’s the hook: with this irrigation solution, you can control your system from anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to plan ahead for vacation. You can just manually operate your sprinklers from your hotel room in Maui, or your work conference in Des Moines.

In order to utilize this technology, you will need one or both of the following:

  • Rain Bird LNKWIFI Module (F55000) – you have to have this part. This WIFI module is what allows your controller to connect to the WIFI and in turn, to your smart phone. It is compatible with 3 different series of controllers:
    1. Rain Bird ESP-TM2
    2. Rain Bird ESP-ME
    3. Rain Bird ST8
  • Rain Bird 639340 WIFI Capable Replacement Panel – if you don’t have one of the above models manufactured after November ’16, you will need this supplementary faceplate to update your controller.

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EEMax Water Heater Booster Review

eemax water heater booster review product imageIf you don’t know what a hot water heater booster is, think of it like a tankless water heater that works alongside a tank water heater. Why would you need a booster? There are few different reasons why many people will choose to install one in their home. We will tackle that question in this EEMax water heater booster review. The aim here is to help you to understand all the features and whether or not it’s a good purchase for you.

As you’d expect, not only do we educate customers on new products, but we also have great deals on them. In this particular case, we are currently offering a great low price on the EEMax HATB007240 Hot Water Heater Booster. If it sounds like something you’d want, you’l have a hard time finding a better price elsewhere.
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Milwaukee M18 Transfer Pump Review

milwaukee m18 transfer pump angled viewThis is the first of its kind, the Milwaukee M18 transfer pump operates with the use of a REDLITHIUM battery that gives you the flexibility you need for tough jobs. In the past, batteries haven’t been cost effective enough to give you the power you need for big jobs. That has all changed now with Milwaukee’s cordless pump technology. We are currently running great deals on the following:

If you already have an M18 REDLITHIUM battery, then you don’t need the entire kit, just the pump only. Because contractors are constantly using their batteries up throughout the day, it’s a good idea to have more than one. In this Milwaukee M18 transfer pump review, we will explore some of its best features: Continue reading

M12 TRAPSNAKE Augers Review

clearing the line with m12 trapsnake augersFor industry professionals, the right plumbing tools can make all the difference. That’s especially true of M12 TRAPSNAKE augers. They are made for commercial restroom maintenance, by the tool manufacturing experts at Milwaukee. This is probably the best way to unclog a toilet, urinal, or floor trap. If you know a better way, there are thousands of plumbers who would like to know it. Features include:

  • Milwaukee has introduced the world’s first replaceable cables!
  • There is an integrated locking mechanism (patent pending) that will hold the cable in place for you. What this means is that it’s easier to extend and retract it.
  • The fixed rubber boot will protect porcelain from scratching, for the life of the tool.
  • Maybe most importantly, the driver is compatible with all TRAPSNAKE auger tools.

So now that you know you want one, you gotta choose the best auger tool for your needs. Right now we have great deals on the following options:

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