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Water quality has always been an issue, and even with today'™s technological climate, we still struggle with it today. Fortunately, with American Plumber water filters, you have access to top-notch water purity products, which will help you solve this problem with ease! 

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Today, many plumbers turn to the incredible filtration options offered by American Plumber - including softening systems, filter housings and cartridges - ”so they can have the peace of mind afforded by clean water. And, with at your side, you can too! We offer many of the best products from American Plumber, along with some of the most competitive prices around, so you can see what buying from the best is like.

Truly, for the best in water purity solutions, choose an American Plumber filter, cartridge, and related products; read on for more information about this industry leader.

Types of American Plumber Water Filter

Point of Entry VS Point of Use

In the American Plumber catalog, there are multiple types of filtration systems we provide; however, for the most part, these boil down to two particular categories: point of use and point of entry. Both are meant to do the same thing, but are used very differently, so here are the major differences between these categories:

  • Point of Use Filtration Systems: For the most part, American Plumber water filter products are purely for professionals, providing solutions for problems plaguing commercial and residential society. However, for residential home owners, we offer plenty of Point of Use drinking water systems, which,- ”when installed at the kitchen faucet - ”will purify the water as it flows. Depending on which type of filter you get, these can address anything from cysts to odor to chlorine tastes to all of the above
  • Point of Entry: Point of Entry filters, on the other hand, are mostly installed by plumbing professionals and are used to purify the water from the main line for the entire house. These will help make the water used in applications such as the dish washer, clothes washer, toilets, and bathroom faucets more clean and safe to use, while ensuring the safety of anything coming into contact with these applications (i.e. your clothes or dishes).

About American Plumber

As a subsidiary brand of Pentair Residential Filtration, they offer a wide variety of professional grade water filtration products. These products do everything, from filtrating and purifying commercial water, to reducing hard water, lead, and more in residential areas. Regardless of your problem - whether you are having troubles with sediment and chlorine or if you simply want to purify the water coming into your home - merican Plumber filters can help, and for the lowest prices around.


With all this, you may be wondering why you would choose for your American Plumber source; however, wonder no longer. We offer some of the best products around - ”from icemakers to filters, filter housings, and more - and at the lowest prices online. Truly, if you are looking for a great supplier of all your favorite American Plumber products, is the place for you.

Call today for more information concerning our top-notch line of American Plumber water filters, cartridges, and more; we'™ll give you all the information you need to make sure you get the filter product that'™s right for you.

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