2016 PlumbersStock Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce this year’s PlumbersStock scholarship winners. We had excellent submissions this year and very deserving winners. Phillip Thompson (from Washington County Career Center, Adult Technical Training) totally stole the show winning first place.

2016 plumberstock video contest winner

Second place goes to Mr. Joseph McWhite from St. Cloud Technical & Community College, who had a great video himself. Both winners went with HVAC related videos.

We got a special treat this year in the form of a thank you letter from Phillip. We were glad to hear this program means so much to the winners.  This is exactly why we do it:

I would like to first start by explaining exactly what winning this scholarship means to me…my wife and I traveled to a couple of different states so we could find where we would like to settle down. My longest running job had been with my father working in the timber industry [until] my father was killed two Novembers ago while he was cutting timber by himself…I am currently going to school on Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am – 4 pm…

Needless to say, it has been a struggle for me to meet financial needs. I had to start finding all my own work, or get a job…at a local HVAC company, but they needed full-time workers.

Now to the point of saying: thank you, God bless you!…you are literally part of an answer to prayers. I have more time to study and not stress about always working. This last week I have been able to concentrate better in class because I don’t have to always be on call for work or distracted by worrying about the next job I have to do. Again, thank you, sincerely, thank you.

Please enjoy the winning video:


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