PlumbersStock Scholarship Video (2015)

It’s that time of year again. We’ve prepared this video so that it’s clear how you can get involved in our scholarship contest. With 3-prize winners, your odds of winning are actually pretty decent, and no matter what, if you make a good tutorial video, that’s a resource you can use to show off to … Read more

Water Storage for Emergency Preparedness

waterprepared white storage tank 150 gallon - verticalby Brett Thomas

We all learned it pretty young. “Be prepared” is the Boy Scout motto, and a good bit of advice. The people who know what to do in emergency situations are the ones who have taken the time to think in advance in preparation for these unwanted events in our lives. There are potential emergencies we may face, where we will not have access to running water. How long would your family survive without running water? It’s a tough question to answer if you don’t have anything on reserve. Well, we’re here to deliver some facts to help you understand the need, and prepare properly, and wouldn’t you know it, PlumbersStock has some great solutions for water storage for emergency preparedness.

Here are a couple great options for affordable, large-scale water storage:

Both are great options because you don’t have to have massive amounts of space to store an incredible amount of water. More on that a little later.

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Moen S93005 Review

by Brett Thomas

Tub fillers are all the rage in bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs. This is a trend that is growing more and more popular right now.  They offer convenient and beautiful plumbing solutions for custom installations. The Moen S93005 tub filler can give your bathroom the modern touch that it’s missing. It’s perfect for freestanding tubs and even works with drop in tubs. No matter what style of bathtub you have, this Moen S93005 review will get you on the right track in your pursuit of the perfect tub filler.

What is the Moen S93005?

The Moen S93005 is also known as the Arris chrome one-handle tub filler. This unique faucet is freestanding, sleek and has it’s pipes exposed for added design. It’s industrial-chic finish is definitely the thing you need for a downtown loft-inspired room. This Moen tub faucet is just the object you will need to give your bathroom the look it’s been missing.

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Moen S72608SRS Review

by Brett Thomas

Moen makes incredible faucets and the Moen S72608SRS (Etch spot-resistant, stainless, one-handle kitchen faucet) is no exception.  Homeowners who have put it to the test rave about its ease-of-use as well as how convenient it is to install and clean.   It offers many great benefits (detailed below) and features.  You cannot go wrong with this faucet.

Details about the Moen S72608SRS

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2014 Video Scholarship Contest Winner is pleased to announce the grand prize 2014 video scholarship contest winner is Mr. Igor Bulanov from South Florida State College.  We congratulate Mr. Bulanov on receiving this award and wish to convey to him the hopes and wishes of a bright future as an industry professional. The 2013-2014 Grand Prize winner video will … Read more

Rain Bird 075 ASVF Review

rain bird 075 asvf reviewby Brett Thomas

If you are looking for an anti-siphon valve for your sprinkler system the Rain Bird 075 ASVF is a great option. This unique valve comes with a lot of great features. It’s 3/4-Inch, and a combination of an electric control valve and atmospheric backflow preventer all in one. If you are looking for an anti-siphon valve this one is definitely worth checking out.

What is a Rain Bird 075 Anti-Siphon Valve with Filter?

Almost every home has a water supply that can trace its source to a city water line. It then enters a cross connection. One connection goes into your house for drinking and bath water, and the other line remains outside for irrigation water. Just after this connection at the end of the pipe is where the anti-siphon valve goes. The anti-siphon valve serves two functions. It’s an electric remote control valve for your sprinkler system and a backflow preventer. The backflow preventer keeps bad irrigation water from entering the drinking water which goes into your home. The other function of the anti-siphon valve is responsible for holding water under pressure for your sprinkler lines. It opens and releases water to your lines when your control center for the sprinkler system tells it to. The Rain Bird 075 ASVF offers another feature in that it comes equipped with a filter designed to keep your lines clean of dirt and debris.

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Power Drill Life Hack – Easy Shower Cleaning

power drill modified to clean showerby Brett Thomas

With good reason, people these days are all about finding clever ways to make their lives easier.  In the age of the internet, these methods have come to be known as “life hacks”.  Yesterday I was browsing one of my favorite social media sites and came across this awesome idea.  Caution: I would only use this method to clean real tile.  Most other materials probably aren’t equipped to withstand the harsh friction.  Maybe try a “magic eraser”.

Steel wool + power drill = no elbow grease required.  Honestly, cleaning a shower is a difficult task, particularly if it’s been a long time.  Not only will this save you a lot of effort, but I imagine that it makes the project go a lot quicker.  You could even take the Tom Sawyer approach and trick your kids into thinking this is fun and get them to do it for you (or at least get them to clean their own bathroom).

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Moen Customer Update 2013

Updated CalGreen legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2014 that mandates all kitchen faucets flow at or below 1.8gpm. The voluntary section of this legislation calls for kitchen flow rates at 1.5gpm and some California cities have adopted this as mandatory. In response to these regulations, all CFG and Moen kitchen faucets are transitioning … Read more

Delta Touch2O.xt Review

Delta 751T-RB-DST Dryden Venetian Bronze
Delta 751T-RB-DST Dryden Venetian Bronze

by Cliff Kimber

The Delta Faucet Company has a new product on the market that exemplifies everything you could want in a faucet. Unlike traditional faucets that limit you with a simple handle or two for turning on and off water flow, Delta’s Touch2O.xt faucets give you three different options to start and stop the flow of water. The original Touch2O faucets that Delta introduced back in 2008 utilizes technology similar to that found on smartphones. This feature efficiently delivers precise, responsive control with a mere touch to the spout or handle.

Delta was the first on the market to bring this type of faucet to the home, and they have been leading the way in research and design of touch, and hands-free faucets ever sense. These Touch2O Faucets continue to grow in popularity because they make working around the sink so much more convenient. Keeping faucets clean even when hands are dirty is just one of those improvements.

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PlumbersStock in the Community – 2013 (So Far)

In an effort to give back to the community, the PlumbersStock family dedicated time and effort searching for ways to help others.  Plumbing and HVAC are what we do. Innovations in these industries can significantly improve the quality of life for both our domestic neighbors and those around the globe.  Allow us to get you quickly caught up on PlumbersStock’s noteworthy efforts in the community in 2013.

Offering Help to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

After suffering $2 billion in damage, the devastated regions of Oklahoma were in need of help rebuilding their communities. With corporate headquarters in Utah, it was difficult for PlumbersStock to offer any direct help. We were able to brainstorm and come up with one way to lend a hand.  Residents of the affected regions have been forced to repair and even rebuild their damaged homes and places of business. We carry a lot of the products they need to accomplish this, so to help, we offered 20% discounts across the board to those who suffered. PlumbersStock is proud to do what we can to aid our neighbors to the east and are glad that it was helpful to the individuals who took advantage of the promotion. We are pleased to have taken a small part in helping to rebuild the great Sooner state

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