EEMax Water Heater Booster Review

eemax water heater booster review product imageIf you don’t know what a hot water heater booster is, think of it like a tankless water heater that works alongside a tank water heater. Why would you need a booster? There are few different reasons why many people will choose to install one in their home. We will tackle that question in this EEMax water heater booster review. The aim here is to help you to understand all the features and whether or not it’s a good purchase for you.

As you’d expect, not only do we educate customers on new products, but we also have great deals on them. In this particular case, we are currently offering a great low price on the EEMax HATB007240 Hot Water Heater Booster. If it sounds like something you’d want, you’l have a hard time finding a better price elsewhere.

What Is a Water Heater Booster?

A booster allows you to further heat water as it exits the water heater (click on the diagram image for a better look at it), before it reaches the user. There are two main reasons why you may want to cough up the dough to install this booster in your home:EEMax water heater booster review - operational diagram media file link

  1. You need to extend the capacity of your water heater. Because the EEMax hot water heater booster heats the water “on demand”, you can continue to enjoy heated water even when your tank has run out. If you have a 50 gallon tank, a booster will allow it to operate more like an 80 gallon tank, which is a convenience many people are willing to pay for. Nobody likes cold showers when the relatives are in town visiting.
  2. It can improve the efficiency of your water heater. This is probably only true for people that have electric water heaters. It can be expensive to heat a tank full time at comfortable temperatures. The booster will allow you to put less stress on the tank by using the booster as a supplement to get the water temperature levels you require.

So depending on your setup, an EEMAX water heater booster could be a no-brainer or a no-go. If you have an 80 gallon natural gas tank, you’re probably good.

So if you’re going to go with a water heater booster, why choose EEMax?

EEMax HATB007240 Features

There is lots to like about this booster:

  • There is a user-friendly digital control panel.
  • You can adjust temperature conveniently in 1-degree increments.
  • There are different modes, like Eco mode and Vacation mode that will help you to operate the technology more efficiently.
  • It can be wall-mounted or installed on the tank outlet.
  • It increases hot water up to 45%.
  • It offers  a compact design.
  • It’s affordable!

Save on a EEMax Water Heater Booster

If you have any questions left after reading this EEMax water heater booster review, please leave a reply or contact us directly. We’ll be happy to help you out with any product or project-related questions. If you have any experience with the product and would like to comment on that, please do so as well! At PlumbersStock, we pride ourselves on being experts on water heaters and water heater parts, so put our expertise to the test.

8 thoughts on “EEMax Water Heater Booster Review”

  1. How would this work in a seasonal electric 20 gal water heater.
    Shut off, Drained, and blow out for winter ?

    Does this make any sense for my installation?

    • The EEMax HATB007240 AutoBooster is designed to work in conjunction with your pre-existing water heater. This means that it will work with your electric 20 gal water heater. For installation, please refer to this Manual.

      Once installed, the Autobooster combines with the traditional hot water tank to provide an extremely effective and efficient way of heating your water. The unit reads the temperature coming out of the tank and will turn on if the water drops below a set temperature, which you can set. The booster will keep the water at the desired temperature, another limit that you set.

  2. I agree! Water heaters have an average lifespan of 6 to 10 years. It’s a good idea to replace them before they break down, so you can prevent water damages in your home.

  3. I have a tankless hot water system that keeps up wit everything but our bath tub. Can EEMax HATB007240 AutoBooster help boost water temp for our bath tub? The water coming out is probably around70 degrees when filling bath tub, so it would need to make up 50 degrees at approximately 3 gpm

    • Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock! Depending on your system, the EEMax HATB007240 AutoBooster would be able too increase the efficiency and performance of your existing water heater by up to 45 percent. Once installed, all you need to do is set it up to your desired activation temperature. Once the temperature of the water coming into the unit is below the activation temperature, it will turn on. After that, you would need to set the maximum temperature you want the AutoBooster to heat the water up to.

      For more information, please refer to this Specification Sheet >

  4. The Eemax Water Heater Booster seems like a great product to enhance the performance and efficiency of existing water heaters. It provides an easy and cost-effective solution to increase hot water capacity without the need for a complete water heater replacement. Thanks for the informative review!


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