Moen Customer Update 2013

Updated CalGreen legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2014 that mandates all kitchen faucets flow at or below 1.8gpm. The voluntary section of this legislation calls for kitchen flow rates at 1.5gpm and some California cities have adopted this as mandatory.

In response to these regulations, all CFG and Moen kitchen faucets are transitioning to 1.5gpm.

In 2012, Moen converted all kitchen pullouts and pulldowns to 1.5gpm. In August 2013, Moen will start converting all remaining kitchen faucets (fixed spouts with and without side spray) to 1.5gpm.

Effective August 15, Moen and CFG will begin shipping 1.5gpm kitchen faucets to those customers with a shipping address in California. The remaining states will continue to receive the existing 2.0gpm fixed spout kitchen faucets with and without side spray until inventory is depleted (all pullouts and pulldowns are currently shipping at 1.5gpm). Once the 2.0gpm inventory is depleted, all 50 states will receive 1.5gpm kitchen faucets.

Check back with our blog for future Moen product updates.

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