Moen S93005 Review

by Brett Thomas

Tub fillers are all the rage in bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs. This is a trend that is growing more and more popular right now.  They offer convenient and beautiful plumbing solutions for custom installations. The Moen S93005 tub filler can give your bathroom the modern touch that it’s missing. It’s perfect for freestanding tubs and even works with drop in tubs. No matter what style of bathtub you have, this Moen S93005 review will get you on the right track in your pursuit of the perfect tub filler.

What is the Moen S93005?

The Moen S93005 is also known as the Arris chrome one-handle tub filler. This unique faucet is freestanding, sleek and has it’s pipes exposed for added design. It’s industrial-chic finish is definitely the thing you need for a downtown loft-inspired room. This Moen tub faucet is just the object you will need to give your bathroom the look it’s been missing.

What Can the Moen S93005 Do For You?

moen s93005 reviewWhether you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new house, the Moen S93005 is a great feature to add. You will love its stylish design and charm. Here are some other great features you will also enjoy with this product.

  • One Handle Lever – One handle tub faucets are so much more convenient, when it comes to getting the temperature right.  The one handle lever which comes on the Moen S93005 makes it easy to adjust your temperature as quickly and easily as possible while looking stylish at the same time.
  • Limited Warranty – Moen is a popular brand everywhere.  They make great products and believe in what they have to offer.  When you purchase this tub faucet, you can feel at peace knowing you will receive a limited warranty along with it.  That way if your faucet you are purchasing fails on you a shortly later you know you are covered.
  • Mounts to the Floor – It is very trendy right now to install a bathtub faucet that mounts to the floor instead of the wall.  It looks so elegant and classy, and makes your master bathroom stand out.  The Moen S93005 tub filler looks great when it is properly installed and mounted to the floor.
  • Chrome Finish – The chrome finish which comes on this particular model of faucet matches perfectly with almost any decorating style.  It looks stunning and will give your bathroom an awe inspiring look that is sure to please everyone.

Now that you know the benefits this elegant tub solution offers, you will want to buy one here at PlumbersStock, because we offer the best prices available on the web.  If you have any questions about this product, please ask below in the comment section, or contact our support team directly.

Make a Great Choice with the Moen S93005 Tub Filler

It’s amazing how much a faucet can make or break the look of your bathroom.  With this Moen tub filler you know that you are getting a quality faucet that will give your bathtub the look it’s long been missing.  If you want to discover all that a Moen S93005 can do for you find one that is right for you and try it out today.

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