New Manufacturer: Trone Smart Toilets

There’s a new kid in town within the bidet toilet combo industry. Trone Plumbing smart toilets are hitting the market with an excellent selection of models that will take your bathroom into the future. The innovative engineers at Trone have come up with dazzling designs. They combine the cutting edge technology of electronic bidet seats with fashion-forward toilets. You will love the sharp edges, and the features can change your quality of life. Here are the models of Trone bidet toilet combos that we carry here at PlumbersStock:


Its curved front and compact design typify this floor-mounted, elongated Nobelet series. You can get the Nobelet in either matte black or white, and both look amazing. The ADA-approved 18.5″ rim height needs to be taken into account. That may be too tall for some, but for others, it makes life so much better. It’s an environmentally-conscious option, as it operates with a powerful siphon jet flushing system at 1.3 gpf with multiple flushing modes.

nobelet bidet toilet combos, both black and white

The bidet seat works off of remote control. The sensors help to maintain hygiene. The adjustable spray wand allows you to get the customization you need for thorough cleaning. And the feature you’ll be so happy to have on a cold winter’s day, the heated seat! Let’s not forget, there is an LCD InfoSCREEN, a dryer/deodorizer, and more.

As mentioned, there are two models to choose from:


The Trone Fountina is another floor-mounted, elongated model. The contoured edges offer a soft touch to your bathroom design. The toilet operates with a powerful siphon jet flushing system at 1.3 gpf.

The bidet seat works with a remote control that allows you to manage the front and rear cleansing, as well as other features. The heated seat is also soft-close, so you don’t disturb your sleeping partner. There is an LED display, a dryer/deodorizer, self-cleaning, and more. The toilet has a nightlight, which is an excellent feature that allows you to relieve yourself without turning on disturbing overhead lights.

the six original trone bidet toilet combos


For information about Trone Aquatina features, just read about Fountina above. They are very similar, except the Aquatina has softer edges in the design. If your highest priority is lowering cost, then this is a great option.


The Trone Ganza is a floor-mounted, elongated model with gravity flush technology that operates at 1.3 gpm. The fully-skirted design makes it appear like it’s from science fiction, and it’s accented with satin gray trim.

The bidet seat works off remote control that allows you to manage the adjustable spray and other features. The heated seat is to die for, and it opens and closes automatically, which means you don’t have to touch it. The silver ion antibacterial bowl helps improve bathroom hygiene with less manual effort. It also has a nightlight.


side view of trone tahum bidet toilet comboThe Trone Tahum series is floor-mounted with gravity flush technology operates at 1.3 gpm. The sophisticated, skirted, and square-shaped design makes it completely stand out. Your master bathroom will pop. The Nano-Glaze coating has scratch-resistant, antibacterial properties.

This state of the art bidet toilet combo has a 5-setting adjustable spray and an IntelliKnob controller. The Zanterhmo heated seat is a luxury. It also has a nightlight. Let’s not forget, there is a deodorizer.

This option will set an unmistakable tone in any master bathroom. The compact design will make your bathroom feel more spacious, too.


This floor-mounted, elongated Trone Neodoro has a high-gloss glaze that will protect the toilet and make maintenance much more manageable. The 15.5″ rim height is excellent for customers who are tired of weeding through all these tall smart toilets. It flushes at 1.27 gpf.

The bidet seat works with a self-cleaning nozzle, which helps to maintain hygiene. The adjustable spray wand allows you to get the customization you need for thorough cleaning. Furthermore, there is a heated seatLED nightlight, an automatic dryer, and more.

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If you’re in the market for a new toilet with an integrated bidet seat, then there are no better savings. Trone at PlumbersStock delivers the best bang for your buck!

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    Is the wand on the Trone Nobelet made of stainless steeel, if not what type of material is it made of?

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