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Among the large number of trusted manufacturers we carry here at PlumbersStock, one of the most reliable in the ventilation industry is Broan.  PlumbersStock offers a variety of Broan parts, including: 

  • Bathroom fan/vents
  • Vent fans with light
  • Range hoods
  • Rooftop caps
  • Parts and accessories

Bathroom Vent Fans

With dozens of choices from which to select, sifting through the many choices can be tedious but it will help ensure that you find the right fan for your needs.  For your consideration, there are a few types of Broan bathroom fans to discuss.

  • Standard fans will give you the necessary functionality required by a bathroom fan and here at PlumbersStock the prices are very affordable. 
  • Many prefer to select a Broan fan and light combo for their bathroom.  This arrangement is not ideal for everyone if you only wire it to one switch.  This setup will not allow the light to be on without the fan and vice versa, which is inconvenient for those who want lighting without the noise of the fan.
  • Decorative fan and light combos can be a bit pricey, but are a great investment for those who prioritize both style and functionality.  These Broan parts are more light than fan, so if you need heavy-duty ventilation than this may not be a great option.  These models are actually manufactured by Nutone, a subsidiary of Broan.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Bathroom Fan?

Bathroom fans are rated by how many cubic feet can be moved in order to remove moisture from the room in one minute. Not having a bathroom fan can result in moisture damage and mold growth. In order to know what size fan you need is to multiply 1.1 by the square footage of the room. This will give you the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating that you need to choose your fan.  For example, a 100 square foot room would require a 110 CFM rated fan.

Other Broan Exhaust Fans

PlumbersStock carries everything, including room-to-room vents, Broan wall heaters, attic ventilation fans, and more.  Nobody offers better prices online than PlumbersStock.  For discount Broan parts, you have come to the right place.

Rooftop Caps

Aptly named, these Broan vent parts are found on the roof and serve as the tail pipes of homes.  Heat rises, which is why allowing that exhaust to escape through the roof is ideal for an efficient system.

Broan Range Hoods

These ventilation devices are shaped and strategically placed to collect and vent the exhaust from your stove top.  Ideal for use when cooking œsmokey foods like bacon, preemptively hitting the fan on your Broan range hood will allow you to prevent some of the spread of the smell in your home.  You do not want to be cooking breakfast for sleeping guests and have the smoke alarm wake them up prematurely.  PlumbersStock offers Broan range hoods in both stainless steel and light stainless options

Shop PlumbersStock for Wholesale Broan Fans

With the best prices around, it is no wonder so many choose PlumbersStock for HVAC supply.  If you have any trouble finding the best Broan parts for your kitchen or bathroom, please contact the customer support team here at PlumbersStock.  We offer fast shipping, and if you order in bulk you can take advantage of some of shipping discounts.  Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock for your online retailer of Broan fans, vents, hoods, caps, and more.

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