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Dekorra Rock Enclosures

There is nothing more unsightly then a sprinkler valve box that sticks out of the ground or perhaps those ugly pipes that may run right through the middle of your flower garden. Also, pipes that stick out of the ground may be at risk to freeze and cause some very damaging harm to the rest of your sprinkler or plumbing system. The Dekorra rock enclosure has tackled this problem head on by concealing those valve boxes and further protecting the valves and pipes.

What Is a Dekorra Rock?

Dekorra has come up with a brilliant way to hide valve boxes with a cover that looks like a boulder. Dekorra has created a hollow plastic rock that will slip over the valve box making it look as if it were never there. These Dekorra rocks come in a couple different sizes so you can cover on large or small. Not only do they make them in different sizes, but they are also available in different colors so you can match that river rock that is surrounding your eye sore of a valve box.

These so called Dekorra rock enclosures are very easy to install and can add a variety of visual interest in your yard without hardly any effort. Simply pick out the size that will cover the valve box (or other eye sore). Once you have the right size you can then pick out the color of your choice. These hollow plastic rocks are easy to slip over anything you may need to conceal. In the bottom of the rock there are a couple places for you to stake the rock down so it won'™t be carried away with the wind or knocked over by your kid'™s soccer ball. Once the Dekorra rock has been installed it can be removed and replaced as many times as needed.

Insulated Pouches

Now that those valve boxes have been covered its time to take care of those pipes that are a freezing hazard every winter. Dekorra offers insulated pouches that are a perfect solution or any above ground pipes. These covers are made to slip right over your pipes with ease and provide instant protection for outside elements. These covers are available in white or green. Once the pouch has been placed over the pipe it can then be covered by a rock providing both protection and concealment to your outdoor plumbing.

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So whether you are looking to hide a small power box, add protection to above ground pipe, or conceal your sprinkler boxes Dekorra has a product that is right for you. With insulated pouches and decorative plastic rocks that can be used together making your yard look amazing was never easier. These products are available at at wholesale cost so you can add that complete look to your yard without breaking the bank.

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