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Whether you are looking for a Davy Crockett grill bundle (DCWF-WEB) or a shelf for your Daniel Boone grill, PlumbersStock has all the best Green Mountain Grills parts and accessories. We are always offering great deals, so check back frequently to see what's on sale. We have the GMG accessories you need to cherry out your outdoor grill system. Call us if you have any questions about the products or your grill.

Green Mountain Grills Products

We have a large selection of GMG pellet grills but you must sign in to see all of our grills. We have the one Davy Crockett grill bundle that is available online with no manufacturer restrictions, but if you want one of our Jim Bowie or Daniel Boone grills, you have to be logged in to buy them. We have great pricing, so take advantage of it.

Because pellet grills come with so many bells and whistles, you may have to replace parts from time to time. You're going to need genuine GMG parts for those replacement jobs. Get a new control board, sensor, and more.

There are also many ways to upgrade your rig to fit your needs. For example, one of the most useful Green Mountain Grills accessories is a shelf you can place on the front of the grill. You can also add an extra rack within the unit. Convert your pellet grill into a pizza oven with the attachment. We also have oven mitts, aprons, hats, and more. Load up on the best cooking accessories at great prices.

Pellet Smokers Are the Future

Pellet grills are the future because they offer a uniquely convenient outdoor cooking experience. Traditionally, smoking meat required the cook to manage the temperature by manually adding fuel (firewood or wood chips). With pellet grills, the machine does this job. All you have to do is set the temperature and the system takes care of it for you. With Green Mountain Grills, you fill the hopper full of wood pellets (choose from different flavors to match your recipe). There is an auger in the bottom of the hopper that pulls pellets into the firebox in the grill.

You can control your grill with either your smartphone (get a wifi-enabled grill for this option) or the control board on the machine.

The beauty of slow-cooking with a wood pellet grill is it simplifies achieving a perfect cook. For example, if you do chicken on a gas grill, it's easy to make the mistake of overcooking to the point that the inside dries out. With a smoker, particularly if you prep with a wet brine, you are more likely to achieve a moist and perfectly cooked center.

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Be sure to get everything you need for outdoor cooking here at PlumbersStock. We carry other brands that include a variety of solutions for making the process better, but if we had to pick one favorite, it's probably Green Mountain Grills. A bunch of us at the corporate offices own one of these wifi-enabled grills, and we share recipes. It's a lot of fun, especially at office cookouts.

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