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About Peerless Faucets, Parts & Accessories is proud to offer Peerless faucets. Peerless manufactures affordable faucets (and parts for Delta faucets) for every room in the home. In addition to one-stop shopping, they offer a completely coordinated look. They are known for their Do-It-Yourselfer motto. Their dependable step-by-step illustrated instruction along with the customer-friendly package leads to fewer callbacks. PlumbersStock proudly carries Peerless:

  • Bathroom faucets (lavatory, tub, and shower)
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bar faucets
  • Parts, like aerators, and accessories

Peerless is manufactured and backed by the Masco Corporation. With over 50 years of experience in building high-quality goods, Masco is a world leader in providing trade with consumer-preferred products. As your single-source faucet supplier, the power of the Peerless brand speaks for itself. One of the most recognized names in the category, the name Peerless alone makes for an easier sell.

Peerless Faucets

Peerless makes products that allow for easy and quick installation. Beginning in 1971, they have created more and more products that are easy to install and come with simple step-by-step instructions, making it possible for any homeowner to upgrade with Peerless faucet parts. Here are some of the great products and features offered by Peerless:

  • Touch Clean - Peerless faucets come with Touch Clean technology, which makes clean up easier. No one wants to spend time scrubbing off the water build-up that often accompanies standard faucets and showers. With Touch Clean, you can clean off the bottom of your Peerless kitchen faucet by just sliding your finger along the rubber nubbins.
  • Spout Variety - You have a variety of spout options when it comes to Peerless kitchen faucets. If you are looking for a standard spout, there are many available in a number of finishes to match almost any home decor. For filling large pots, they offer a taller high arc faucet. This gives you the ability to move around without being restricted, but if your kitchen is small, it may take up too much space. If you are looking for maneuverability, you may want to consider getting a pull-out faucet, allowing you to rinse off, fill up, or wash items in any location in the sink.
  • ADA Compliant - If you are living in California or Vermont, there are specific compliance rules that must be following. Peerless faucets fix that concern for you by offering faucets that you can install on your own and will be compliant with these rules. Also, they offer ADA compliant faucets that allow you to meet the needs of any family member, friend, or visitor to your home.
  • Finish - At times, the sheer number of finishes available can be a bit overwhelming to the consumer. Peerless stays true to its motto of making things simple when it comes to their variety of finishes, as well. There are three finishes to choose from, including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless. These three finishes can match almost any decor and ease your mind of having to sort through countless finishes to find the one that matches your needs.
  • Water Conservation Technology - Everyone likes to save water to not only help the environment but to help keep the money in your wallet rather than wasted on water bills. Peerless faucet parts include a line of CALGreen compliant water-saving products. These products often meet or even exceed the capacity of similar faucets, and help to save water and money at the same time. Check out their water conservation products to find one that fits your style!

Peerless Kitchen Faucets

For the kitchen, there are various styles to choose from. Pullouts, two-handle, and single-handle are all options. Peerless kitchen faucets with pullout capability feature a retractable spray hose that is disguised inside a traditional spigot. A pullout faucet is essential in the busy kitchen for filling large stock pots, cleaning dishes and pans, watering plants, and giving that bowl of tomatoes a good rinse. One thing that sets the pullout faucet apart from faucets with a separate pullout hose is that it's cleverly hidden. It gives your modern kitchen an enhanced aesthetic appeal while putting the convenience of water where you need it, at your fingertips.

Two-handle kitchen faucets add a traditional look to your kitchen while incorporating top-notch technology inside. These Peerless faucets are usually not that expensive and come in a great variety of styles, from a high neck design for large pots and pans to a low arm style for a more classic look. One of the benefits of a two handle kitchen faucet is the ability to change both temperature and volume control independently, giving you maximum control. Some two handle Peerless kitchen faucets also come with a side spray to make your life even easier in the kitchen by reaching all those tight spots around the sink.

Single handle kitchen faucets have been a staple in many homes for a long time. They have been known to be some of the most dependable at sturdy kitchen faucets on the market today. Their single handle lever is simple and easy to use by controlling the water volume and temperature in one simple motion. New advances in technology have added even more quality to these hard-working faucets. One of the best attributes to single handle Peerless faucets is the price. Some collections also offer a side sprayer option to make clean up and to fill up those large pots a breeze.

Peerless Bathroom Faucets

Single handle lavatory faucets are one of the most standard faucets in bathroom settings. The single handle feature is easy to use and controls both water volume and temperature at the same time. Two-handle Peerless bathroom faucets are used to change the temperature and volume control separately.

A roman tub faucet adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The concept arises from the days where Romans built lavish baths all over the European continent throughout their rule. The style has evolved through time and has become popular in modern bathrooms, with the term ┬śroman tub faucets meaning that the fittings are mounted to the deck rather than the wall of the room or bath itself, and the spout is an arched shape. This type of Peerless bathroom faucet comes in many different styles, anywhere from different handles, finishes, and shapes.

  • Peerless offers many different styles of shower components. You can choose to have a traditional shower trim combo or a modern shower component. They both are great touches to a bathroom. Peerless faucets have options on what kind of head you can choose from; full spray shower head, massage shower head, power shower head, and hand shower head. Being able to choose from these helps accommodate your needs and wants.
  • Bathing systems can come in a variety of styles. Peerless provides the customer with the options of wall, round, stand-up, and bathtub bathing systems. These all have the best quality and are essential to a bathroom. Let our systems help you choose how your bathroom will look.

Buy Delta Peerless Faucet Parts

Peerless understands the need to match your budget when working on a kitchen or bathroom project. They offer a wide range of Peerless bathroom and kitchen faucets at prices that fit your budget. Peerless is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects, whether you are building a new home or sprucing up the one you have. Check out our Peerless faucet parts at to get started on your next do-it-yourself project! Learn more at

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