GROHE Sense Smart Water Sensors, Controllers, & Accessories


About GROHE Sense

Water leaks happen, it's just a matter of time. You need solutions that mitigate the risk so you can catch potential problems before they become disasters. That's what GROHE Sense smart water sensors and controllers are for. They are easy to install and operate with your smartphone via the GROHE Ondus app.

Sense Guard Controllers vs. GROHE Sense Sensors

For your convenient comparison, we've created this infographic so you can see the strengths of each system. To fully protect yourself, we recommend you get both!

grohe sense vs. grohe sense guard controller

The Sense Guard controllers are typically mounted installations (but it's a pretty simple process), and they primarily detect issues by monitoring the flow of water. The GROHE Sense sensors require no installation, you just place them wherever you think you are at risk of flood damage. They detect water with touch, and can also detect issues by monitoring room temperature and humidity.

grohe sense guide controller installation
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