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About Commercial Soap Dispensers

As one of the most important commercial bathroom accessories, you definitely need an automatic soap dispenser to improve hygiene and complete a professional and modern restroom look. In addition to dispensers, we carry replacement soap and other parts and accessories.

Shop and save on TOTO or Sloan commercial soap dispenser for your public restroom update and ensure that even the bathroom exudes the image you want to portray.


There are many different styles of commercial soap dispensers to suit the many styles of bathroom, whether you’re looking for casual, slightly sophisticated, and fancy.

Casual restrooms typically look good with basic vertical or horizontal soap dispensers. For the restrooms that want to look more contemporary than casual ones but on a budget, there are chrome polished vertical soap dispensers by Sloan that look sleek and modern. Finally, for those fancy, elegant, and sophisticated restrooms that are looking to impress employees and superiors alike, TOTO offers electric soap dispensers with Smart Sensing Technology that can sense when a person is near and dispense soap accordingly. This Smart Sensing, touch-free technology gives a good impression and encourages clean hygiene in a professional and high-class atmosphere.

Regardless of what style commercial bathroom you have, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect soap dispenser from PlumbersStock. We offer the top names Toto and Sloan so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re purchasing quality dispensers at a fraction of retail cost.

Choosing the Best Soap Dispenser for your Public Restroom

When you’re looking at a soap dispenser, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One of the biggest of these is Aesthetics, but consider Price and the Volume soap it can hold before you make your final purchase.

  • Aesthetic Value – Aesthetics are arguably the most important factor when looking to purchase a commercial soap dispenser. As discussed above, the look and design of your soap dispenser can add to or take away from the overall appearance of your commercial restroom. Soap dispensers, while important in functionality, must look good to the point where they seamlessly blend in with the existing bathroom décor. The look of a soap dispenser, in addition to whether or not it has an electronic sensor, will add greatly to the final price tag.
  • Price – If you’re on a budget, this feature is one of the biggest to consider when shopping around. While basic push soap dispensers can be as low as $15, the nicer, electronically sensing ones can reach up to the price of $1,000+. Keep this bit of information in mind as you decide which soap dispenser to purchase.
  • Volume – If your restroom is a heavily trafficked part of your building, the amount of soap the dispenser can hold is a crucial feature. For heavy traffic consider purchasing a soap dispenser that can hold 5 or more gallons of soap. Smaller restrooms should be able to get by with smaller amounts of soap.

Buy Commercial Soap Dispensers Online

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial restroom with a new soap dispenser, there’s no better place to buy than PlumbersStock. We offer the best names in the industry for low, wholesale prices you won’t find on other sites. Whether you’re looking for a simple push soap dispenser or a sophisticated, electronic one, we have what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. Browse through our large selection of soap dispensers and accessories and find the perfect fixture for your bathroom. If you need help finding a product or have questions about installation, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff and let us help you find the commercial plumbing supply you need.

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