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Coming soon in 2013, we will be offering œsmart thermostats from Honeywell. Some of the more popular brands of HVAC controls that are available include, Honeywell, DiversiTech, Tekmar, LuxPro, and many more. The manufacturers we carry here at PlumbersStock make reliable products.

Basics of Controls & Thermostats

Your home or business will likely have what is known as a non-zoned system,which means that there is only one thermostat. A zoned system is mostly used in commercial systems or larger homes. In the case of zoned systems, there are several thermostats controlling different œzones in the building. In these zoned systems the various thermostat controls will turn on or off small electric motors that will in turn open or close dampers to divert air to various spaces to regulate air conditions as well as turn on or off a furnace or central air conditioning unit.

A 7-day programmable thermostat control will allow you to plan your week according to work and sleep schedules for the optimal scheduling. It allows you to save on energy when it is not needed. Whether you are a techno junkie or are have a hard time with technology, we have the control panels and thermostat replacements that will suit your wants, needs, and/or level of expertise.

  • The term thermostat stems from the Greek words œthermos, meaning hot, and statos, meaning standing. Therefore, a thermostat is the regulator of your system.
  • Thermostats are important modules of the HVAC control systems that read the temperature of your system and they trigger either a heating or a cooling device to turn off or on so that the temperature of a system is sustained near or at a predetermined state.
  • A thermostat can be a control unit for a heating or cooling system or a component part of a heater or air conditioner.
  • Thermostat controls come in a variety of ways and use a range of sensors to measure the ambient temperature. The output of those sensors is what actually controls the heating or cooling devices.
  • A thermostat may switch on or off at temperatures on either side of the desired temperature point, the degree of the difference from the desired point to what the actual state is known as hysteresis and prevents the frequent switching of the controlled heating or cooling equipment.
  • There are various types of thermostats, some of which include: mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, analog electronic, millivolt, line voltage, and digital electronic to name a few. Each of these types of thermostat is used in different applications for specific reasons.
  • One of the most important features of a thermostat is whether or not it is programmable so that heating or œcooling can take place during the day at specified times.
  • The location of a thermostat control is also important, they should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from a room's cooling or heating vents but exposed to general airflow. If a thermostat is too close to a vent then it can cause the system to short cycle which will cause frequent starts and stops which can shorten the life of equipment. In a non-zoned system, a main hallway would be best.

There are touch-screen control panels and digital thermostats with which you can set numerous timers to control the airflow in your home throughout the day. If touch-screen is not exactly your cup of tea there are the basic analog thermostats with a radial dial to control the temperature of your home.

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