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About Driver Sets

Take advantage of great deals on nut driver and screwdriver sets at PlumbersStock. We carry name brands like Greenlee, Regal Service, Malco, etc. and that's because we care about quality. The best hand tool sets will make all the difference in your home improvement projects.

If you aren't looking for a set and want stand-alone nut drivers or screwdivers, we have those too. It's very important to have all the best tools at your disposal. PlumbersStock offers discount driver sets for this very reason.

Choosing a Driver Set

Most handymen need sets of screwdrivers and nut drivers, used to fit any size screws, nuts, and bolts. From Phillips, star-shaped, slot-shaped (flatheads) and more, our screwdriver sets offer you all the drivers you’ll need to loosen or tighten screws during your home projects. While screwdrivers must be fitted to the size and shape of the screw, nut drivers are fitted to the exterior size and shape of the bolt. Similar in function, nut drivers are used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.

For any aspiring handyman, having a reliable set of screw and nut drivers is necessary in order to have a fully versatile toolbox. Whether you choose to buy specific screwdrivers or square-tipped screwdrivers with removable bits, know that driver sets are among the most used tools in any application.

Types of Screwdriver Sets at PlumbersStock

To identify the type of screwdriver you need, you need to be aware of the shape of the screw. While the most common screwdrivers are Phillips and flatheads, there are a variety of other drivers you should be aware of. Here’s a quick guide to help you identify common shapes you may be looking at and which driver you’ll need for the job.

  • Phillips – Phillips are the screwdrivers you’ll use most often. This screwdriver is characterized by a cross or X, with each individual end tapered off at 57 degrees.
  • Slotted – Better known as flatheads, this is the original screwdriver. This screwdriver is identified by having a straight, flat blade that varies in size depending on the screw.
  • Pozidriv – These screwdrivers are more commonly used in Europe than in the United States and can be described as an enhanced version of the Phillips. This screwdriver comes with four additional recessed radial lines, one in between each of the main flanks that form the cross. These radial lines create extra contact points to give the driver a better grip on the cross-shaped screw.
  • Torx – A Torx screwdriver is characterized by the six-pointed rounded star at the end of the shaft.
  • Square Recess – This screwdriver is classified by having a square at the end of the shaft. Unlike screwdrivers with detachable bits, these do not have nubs (the small, rounded pieces on either side of the tip that attach to an adapter to lock a bit into place) and should not be fitted with bits.
  • Hex – Hex screws look like a hexagon and can fastened and unfastened using an Allen wrench or hex screwdriver.

Buy Driver Sets Online

Whether you’re looking for a screwdriver set with detachable bits or a nut driver set to tighten bolts around your home, we offer many different driver sets at low prices from trusted manufacturers! Get the best deal on the drivers you need and save big by taking advantage of our wholesale pricing. We offer various driver sets so you can be sure you get exactly what you need. We have all the best hand tools at PlumbersStock.

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