Drop-In Kitchen Sinks

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About Drop-In Kitchen Sinks

When you need a reliable and easy-to-install kitchen sink for your latest update, you can't go wrong with PlumbersStock. Our drop-in kitchen sinks are always on sale and we definitely have a variety of options that will look great in your kitchen.

Be sure to find the perfect matching kitchen faucet for your new drop-in sink.

Drop-in sinks are a very popular option in homes everywhere. They are inexpensive to purchase, easy to install, and work great in almost any home. Drop-in sinks are the sinks with a lip around them to keep from falling through the hole in the counter top. They work great on laminate and other various counter tops.

Buying a Drop-In Kitchen Sink

When it comes to purchasing a drop-in kitchen sink for your home, there are many options to choose from. There are a couple of important questions to ask yourself before selecting your favorite sink.

  • Will a drop-in sink work in your kitchen? - Chances are if you have some type of laminate or wood countertop, a drop-in sink will work perfectly for you. Drop-in sinks hide the imperfections of a cut counter top and work great in almost any home. Before purchasing a drop-in unit for your kitchen it's important to decide if it's the right type of sink for you.
  • What size of sink do you need? - Since a drop-in sink needs to fit perfectly in the hole in your counter top, it's so important to accurately measure the hole to know the exact dimensions for the sink you will need. Once you know the precise size, you will want to find a sink that matches those measurements.
  • How many bowls do you want? - When purchasing a drop-in sink you can purchase a single, double or triple bowl sink. Depending on what type of things you will be using your sink for will determine the type of bowl you will want to purchase. In many cases a single bowl sink looks nice, but isn't as convenient for hand washing dishes. This is why it's so important to ask yourself what type of sink bowl will work best for you before making your purchase.
  • How many holes do you need for your faucet? - If you already have a faucet picked out you will need to find a sink which matches the number of holes your faucet requires. Sinks can have anywhere between 1 and 5 holes for faucet and accessory installation depending on the type of hardware you buy.

Save on Drop-In Kitchen Sinks

At PlumbersStock, we know how problematic it can be to find the right drop-in kitchen sink for your home. If you are having problems figuring out what type of sink you need or just need a little help, we are here to assist you today. Our top quality drop-in sinks are just the thing you need to give your kitchen a sleek and stylish design. Don't go another day with your old rusty kitchen sink, find your new drop-in kitchen sink now. The brands we carry include:

  • Elkay
  • Moen
  • Swanstone
  • and more!

Remember, we also carry all the sink parts, as well as drain pipe you need to outfit your sinks.

How to Install a Drop-in Sink
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