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About Filter Cartridges

We offer a nice selection of replacement filter cartridges at affordable prices here at PlumbersStock. As with all filters, we carry name brands so you can get a quality filter cartridge online and save.

Replacement cartridges will eventually be required in your filtration system. Do not allow your cartridge to go too long in between replacements because at some point it quits doing its job. With filters playing a pivotal role in residential applications, you would rather be safe than sorry. We also have discount filter housing options.

What Is a Filter Cartridge?

The cartridge does all the work in a filtration system. It separates contaminants from the “good stuff”. It makes your water taste and smell better, and lends to better health. PlumbersStock offers two main types of water filter replacement cartridge, each with a specific application. They include:

  • Water purifying
  • Heavy duty commercial/municipal

Most of our cartridges are made of carbon or polypropylene. We only collaborate with trusted names, and American Plumber has a great reputation in the industry for a quality, dependable product. When choosing a filter media, you must be mindful of its intended purpose. You need to be able to determine whether the cartridge is compatible with the filter housing and the application.

Water Purifying Cartridges

PlumbersStock recommends that all households filter their drinking water. No matter how clean the water seems, and how good it tastes, there can be trace elements and particles that you want to eliminate from the drinking supply. Replacement water filters are very affordable, and will last generally three to six months, depending on whom you ask. The more cautious types lean towards 2-3 months. It is really up to you, but with it being such a small investment (literally, a few dollars a month) you may want to err on the side of caution as well. We have filter cartridges for your refrigerator water and/or icemaker. Purifying your water will also protect your faucet from corrosion. Over time, a filter will make a big difference in this regard.

Heavy Duty

When you need to filter well water, or municipal water, any old cartridge will not do. These replacement filters need to be durable so that they can last, and clean huge volumes of water. For whole-house water filter cartridges, we recommend you choose one of these heavier duty choices. In many cases, they are reusable, but they must be cleaned in order to re-use. Heavy-duty filter media is designed to reduce volatile organic compounds, lead, chlorine, sediment, odor, etc.

Buy Replacement Filter Cartridges Online

At PlumbersStock, we offer unbeatable prices, and we offer shipping advantages for bulk orders. We are the affordable solution whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or a contractor who goes through 20 replacement filter cartridges in a month. Again, if you need any help with your purchase, please contact our staff and we can help walk you through shipping rules, or aid you in finding the right cartridge for your home.

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