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About Garbage Disposals

A disposal can make kitchen maintenance so much easier. The best garbage disposals will last you a long time, delivering quality kitchen sink waste management for years. Browse around and research all the various features of our sink garbage disposals and take advantage of the best prices on the web.

What Is a Garbage Disposal?

This convenient device allows you to eliminate food waste through your sink. With a motor and blade, the functionality a disposal offers means that no kitchen is complete without it. The first disposal was invented by John W. Hammes when he was working as an architect in Racine, Wisconsin. The invention was in 1927 but he did not receive the patent for his invention until 1935. The sink garbage disposal was on the market 5 years later in 1940. General Electric has attempted to dispute his claim and insists their company invented it in 1935. Hammes still holds the first patent. He went on to build a manufacturing company.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that disposals all have blades. Contrary to popular belief, the spinning mechanism on most garbage disposals today is not a blade, but rather two lugs mounted on a steel plate that spin in unison. The edge of the inside of the base is jagged and the food is minced when pushed against the sides while the steel plate spins. The food is unable to pass into the pipes until it’s reduced to a size small enough to easily fit down the drain. Here is a summary of the process:

  1. Food goes into the sink garbage disposal and is spun around on a steel plate
  2. Lugs that are attached to the steel plate hit the food and cause it to bounce and hit the sides at a rapid pace
  3. The jagged sides mince the food
  4. Once the food is minced small enough it goes down the drain

More about Their Origin

The sink garbage disposal was first invented as a way to reduce municipal food waste because food scraps that decompose in landfills have been shown to generate methane gas. Because of a lack of understanding, for a long time certain cities banned the installation or use of sink garbage disposals. Due to many efforts by manufacturers such as Waste King, InSinkErator, and Whirlaway their use in residential homes is now more prominent. As of 2009, fifty percent of homes had working disposal units.

A garbage disposal is used to chop up disposed food to a size generally less than 2 mm in order for the particles to pass through the plumbing effectively. Garbage disposals reduce the amount of wasted food that is sent to landfills by a large margin and therefore are considered to be more environmentally sound. Another important aspect of the garbage disposal is the process to which the food takes after it has gone down the drain. Many city water systems have established effective wastewater treatment plants that will actually reuse the wasted food by turning it into fertilizer or using it as an energy source.

There recently has been a bit of a stigma surrounding the concept and process of sending food down the kitchen sink pipes. Many consumers will choose not to install one in a new home and a good portion of those who do have disposals do not operate them. We don’t want to tell you where to stand on the issue. We do however offer the best garbage disposals on the market if you are interested.

Find the Best Garbage Disposals Online

There are many different varieties of garbage disposals for sale here at, if you have questions in regards to what model is right for you do not hesitate to contact or call and ask one of our friendly customer service representatives for help deciding! Brands include:

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