Electric Furnace vs. Gas Furnace | Gas vs. Electric Furnace Comparison

Electric Furnace vs. Gas Furnace

If you are building a new home or need to replace a broken furnace, then there are a lot of considerations that need to be made before you make this large purchase. Heating and cooling are such an important part of comfortable living, as well as your monthly budget. Choosing between a gas vs. electric furnace is a good place to start.

Advantages of a Gas Furnace

The first thing you need to consider is do you have a gas line to your home? If not, then your choice has probably already been made for you. You can supply yourself with a tank (propane or oil are common solutions) but most people are not interested in that unless we’re talking a cabin up in the mountains. The pros and cons of a gas furnace include:

  • They are relatively inexpensive to run (natural gas is cheaper than electricity).
  • Gas units typically heat your home up faster and more effectively. It’s usually a far superior solution in climates with extreme cold.
  • It’s a more environmentally-friendly solution.

Advantages of an Electric Furnace

gas vs. electric furnace
  • They operate more quietly.
  • You should expect it to be more durable (they last 15 to 30 years, as opposed to the 10 to 20 years you can expect with their gas counterparts)
  • Installation is easier.
  • Electric units last longer.
  • The initial investment is cheaper (gas units are more expensive).
  • There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

One last thing to consider is an electric heat pump, as opposed to a furnace. This is probably only an option for people who live in warmer climates, but they operate more cheaply than a regular electric furnace.

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