Tips for Summer Lawn Care (Infographic) | Taking Care of the Lawn in Summer

Late Summer Lawn Care (Infographic)

Did you know that lawn treatment should change from spring to fall? Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking late summer lawn care is just about consistent watering. There is much more to it than that, which is why we've made this helpful infographic. Consider that these are general guidelines and minor tweaks may need to be applied, depending on your region. For example, in Arizona, many are of the belief that you should water daily in the late summer.

tips for late summer lawn care

8 Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Because the heat typically hits hardest in the late summer, you should change up your strategy. These tips are needed to protect your lawn from the heat but some will also help to prepare it for the winter:

  1. Mow at the right height - taller grass will help to prevent water evaporation.
  2. Water properly - use your timer and pop-up sprinklers to schedule deep, infrequent waterings.
  3. Sharpen your mower blade - dull blades tear the grass, as opposed to cutting it.
  4. Let clippings lie - this is called grasscycling and it saves time, money, and fertilizer. The catch is that you have to cut at the right height. Long clippings can be problematic.
  5. Tackle weeds - weeding makes your lawn much healthier.
  6. Treat for grubs - depending on your region, you may be at risk for infestations of beetles and other pests.
  7. Do not park on the grass - we hope that didn't need to be said.
  8. Pick up litter - we're not just talking about garbage. A kid's pool left out for a day can ruin a big patch of grass.

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