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About Air Conditioner Accessories

The right accessories will get your air conditioning system performing at its very best. With dozens of discount air conditioner accessories, PlumbersStock is certain to have the product you need in stock and ready to ship.

Shop and save on air conditioning accessories, like cooler pads, cleaners, and more with the heating and cooling experts. In accordance with our reputation for offering the best brand names in the industry, we carry discount Dial accessories so that you know you are getting a well-made product.

Types of AC Accessories

There are many different kinds of accessories you can purchase to optimize your air conditioning unit. In addition to yearly maintenance, replacing old accessory parts can enhance your AC system and make it run smoother and more efficient. Some of the more common accessories are listed below. If you need help finding a part, or if you’re not sure what you need for your system, give our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff a call so you can get back to what matters, enjoying your summer from the cool comfort of your home, sooner.

  • Cooler Pads – Cooler pads work inside swamp coolers to decrease the temperature of your home. These pads typically consist of aspen wood fiber inside a containment net, but modern advances in technology allow the use of some plastics and melamine paper instead. Cooler pads allow outdoor air to pass through this filtered surface, dropping the temperature of the air as it passes. These need to be replaced every year, as minerals can easily build up over long use in the summer.
  • Cooler Cover – Cooler covers help prepare your evaporative cooling unit for winter. The cover is usually made of canvas and stops outside air from entering your home through the swamp cooler.
  • Mesh Pump Basket – The mesh pump basket is used to protect your cooling pump from outside debris that may cause clogs and obstructions. Made of high-grade mesh, this ensures your evaporative cooler to continue working at top efficiency.
  • Cooler Coat (Interior) – An interior cooler coat is a particular spray that’s designed to coat and seal your evaporative cooler bottom pans. This spray protects your swamp cooler from rust and corrosion and can even quiet the sound your AC unit makes. Dial interior cooler coats are made from durable, thick asphaltic base instead of a thin clay base to ensure best performance and quality.
  • Cooler Cleaner – After years of long use, your swamp cooler may begin to experience rust and scale buildup, particularly if it’s not properly winterized every year before winter and the cooler pads are not often replaced. Cooler cleaner is a liquid that provides a one-step treatment to inhibit rust and scale buildup, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors coming from your AC unit. Dial cooler cleaners do all of the above and condition the cooler pads to allow them to work at top performance.

Buy Air Conditioning Accessories Online

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