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One of the most popular features in a home is a fireplace. A fireplace has a way of adding unique ambiance. It makes for the perfect cold night comfort. Monessen fireplaces offer a variety of options that make them a company to consider when choosing a fireplace:

  • Built-in fireplaces
  • Inserts
  • Stoves
  • Parts and accessories

Monessen Fireplace Features to Consider

Viewing Style Options

If you are thinking about installing a fireplace there are so many things to consider. One thing to consider is where will the fireplace be installed and what viewing style options do you want? Monessen fireplaces offer various viewing styles for your fireplace. Some of their options available are front view, see-thru, peninsula, and corner. The front view is your common view and is usually installed on a flat wall that is view from the front. The see-thru option allows you to place the fireplace in a wall that separates two rooms. In doing this, you are able to see the Monessen fireplace insert in both rooms. The corner view is optimal for installation and viewing in a corner.

Venting Parts

Monessen makes all kinds of reliable parts, and another important component to consider is what type of venting you need for your fireplace. Monessen fireplace parts offer three different venting options; direct vent, B vent, and vent free. A direct vent fireplace removes all the exhaust and emissions from your home 100%. A B vent fireplace relies on combustion and air buoyancy to remove the exhaust through the designated venting system. A B vent is generally easier and cheaper to install but are often less efficient than a direct vent fireplace. Finally is the vent free fireplace, which allows you to install a fireplace in areas that will not allow for any venting. A vent free fireplace is an efficient option to look at when it comes to Monessen fireplace inserts.

Not only do you have your viewing style and venting options but you will want to be sure to select a fireplace with the proper power. A larger area will require a fireplace with more BTU's as a fireplace for a smaller area will need less BTU to heat the area. Another major option to consider is whether or not you want a gas fireplace or an actual wood burning stove. If needed, do not forget about Monessen gas logs for a more realistic experience.

Buy Monessen Hearth Systems Wholesale

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