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About Gas Grills

PlumbersStock offers a many different BBQ grills each with their own amazing features. These grills are impressive, some classic black and some with the sleek stainless steel look that helps ensure you get more than just a flame with which to firing. You get a premium product that delivers precise results and makes every outdoor meal an event.

When it comes to outdoor smokers Green Mountain Grills provides one of the best pellet grills on the market today, and you can now get it here. Everybody who cooks outdoors knows that food cooked over real wood tastes far better than food cooked over briquettes and even gas. And now thanks to these amazing smokers, you can get the flavor of real wood smoked food using one of these amazing grills and a simple push of a button on your smartphone.

Our prices are so low in many cases we cannot advertise them (our contracting partners will not allow us to list prices below a certain threshold). If you need to know the price, please call for a quote at 435-868-4020.

Grills vs BBQs

In many parts of the country, an outdoor gas grill might be referred to as a "barbecue", or even bbq gas grill. Calling the grill a barbecue is confusing for everyone else. When we refer to these gas fueled outdoor cooking grills, we will use the term "gas" grill because for most people, barbecue refers to a style of food, not the machine with which it is cooked.

Features to Consider

We recommend cast-iron grills because they enhance your ability to cook your food evenly, because of the way the heat is distributed. One of the nice features of many of today's grills is that they offer both rounded and flat grates so that you can cook on the ideal surface, whether are cooking juicy or tender meats. These grills are a great investment. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are built to last.

One excellent feature is that has become popular are quick ignite system for lighting the grill. This allows the user to start cook without the use of matches, and it prevents the initial high flame you so often see when the gas grill is first lit. Last, but not least, the sear sections often integrated now are great for redirecting grease away from the flames for added safety. The modern gas grills of today offer a variety of cooking styles among which are: smoking, baking, searing, and even rotisserie.

Tips for an Outdoor Gas Grill that Lasts

Purchasing an outdoor gas grill can be a large investment. You want to make your grill last, so there are few maintenance tips to consider:

  • Keep your grill safe from the elements. If you do not have a cover for your grill, try to position it in a spot on your patio or deck that gets at least some protection from the roof.
  • Clean immediately after using. The anomalies on your grill are a lot easier to clean while they are hot and fresh.
  • If you do not grill in the winter, it may be a good idea to store it in your garage or in a shed.

Your dedication to proper maintenance will likely be the biggest determining factor for how long your outdoor gas grill lasts. Be sure to be familiar with the warranty information so that you can make a claim if any issues arise.

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