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About Faucet Body Parts

Whether you are looking to repair a bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet, PlumbersStock is certain to have the discount faucet body parts available for fast delivery. Save on the best manufacturers in the plumbing industry, including Moen, Delta, Brizo, and Peerless.

Be sure to browse around the site for other discount faucet parts, as well as complete installations. Use the filters on the left to quickly find the right faucet body parts.

What You Should Know About Faucet Body Parts

Your faucet is made up of many different internal components that rely on each other to deliver a good performance whenever you turn on the tap. Keeping your faucet parts up to date will ensure you get the longest life out of your bathroom or kitchen faucet.

“Faucet body parts” is therefore a broad term that encompasses all of the practical and aesthetic parts that make up your faucet body.

Here at PlumbersStock, we have over 100 different faucet body parts for all makes of faucets. If you’re the proud owner of some of these beautiful and sophisticated faucets, extend your life by keeping up with small maintenance repairs and replacement parts that will keep your faucet running smoothly and reliably. While these sorts of replacements and repairs may be tedious, your wallet will thank you as you’ll end up saving more money than you otherwise would if you were to purchase an entirely new faucet.

Finding the Right Part

There are many different faucet body parts available and with technology steadily growing, we can expect more to come out as new advanced faucets are introduced to the market. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of faucet body parts, here are some tips to help you narrow down the options and find the right part you need.

  1. Internal or External? The most basic way to start your search is to figure out if the piece you’re looking to replace is found inside or outside the faucet. Internal pieces will be things such as valves, cartridges, and O-Rings, while external pieces will be things such as handles, handle domes, decorative buttons, and caps.
  2. Finish – If you’re searching for a specific finish, say chrome, using the filters to narrow your results can be a big help. At PlumbersStock, we offer many different kinds of faucet body parts with finishes including stainless steel, chrome, Venetian bronze, polished nickel, and more!
  3. Mount Type – Where does your faucet come from? Most faucets are mounted to your sink, but some are mounted to the wall. This is especially true if you’re looking for shower faucet parts. Additionally, we carry different hardware parts (such as Roman tubs) that are floor mounted instead.
  4. Brand Name – One of the easiest ways to search through results is to search by brand. If you know the replacement part is only sold by Delta, for instance, using the filters to search by the manufacturer is a good first step. However, this can get tricky if the part is generic or if you can find the same part cheaper from someone else.
  5. Room – Search by this filter only if you’re sure your faucet falls into one or the other category. For instance, if your faucet came in a set that included a side sprayer, it’s most likely a faucet that’s exclusive to the kitchen. If your faucet is in the kitchen area, keep in mind whether it’s a full-size sink faucet or a smaller, bar faucet. That could make a difference with the size of the replacement piece. When it comes to your bathroom, the sink is not the only place you can have a faucet. Consider whether the faucet is made exclusively for your lavatory sink or whether it could double as a tub faucet. Since tub faucets are designed to handle a higher water pressure than lavatory sink faucets, mixing up the part could have disastrous results.

Save on Faucet Body Parts

When you shop with the online leaders in plumbing supply, you are choosing trusted brands at affordable prices. Save on faucet body parts and get your installation working like new! Find out for yourself why so many homeowners and contractors choose PlumbersStock for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

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