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About Plumbing Controls and Switches

When it comes to plumbing, there are a number of ways to manage your system better by using the best sensors, switches, and controls. From valve actuator switches to de-icing sentry controls, to switching relays and more, we have it all at great low prices. PlumbersStock has the best plumbing controls and switches available, from trust brands like Tekmar, HeatLink, Taco, and more!

Relays, Switches, and Controls

We offer a wide variety of products and it can be hard to tell which one does what. So, to help you out, here are just a few of the products we offer, as well as what functions they server within a plumbing system:

  • De-Icing Control: If you live in a cold area, de-icing is a must; unfortunately, many de-icing kits are not automatic, making it so you have to manually activate it when it gets cold. A de-icing control panel can change this. It's so convenient to have automatic control over de-icing cables that will de-ice roofs and gutters for you.
  • Sensor Cables: A major part of plumbing systems is the ability to sense pressure, temperature, and more within your home/the plumbing system itself. This is precisely why we offer a variety of sensor cables that work within a myriad of different locales. Best of all, we provide the best prices anywhere, in addition to the highest quality brands on the market!
  • Water Control Switches: If your water main is located in a difficult to reach place, or if you wish to streamline the process of turning off your water, water control switches are the product for you. Though somewhat difficult to install, the easy to use “on-off” switch makes turning your water main off an easier process than ever!

How to Make a Good Purchasing Decision

Unfortunately, we can only tell you exactly what you need if you call in, as every system is different. But, keep these things in mind when purchasing your plumbing controls and switches:

  • Many systems need sensors; find out which one yours needs before you purchase.
  • If you want to keep the structural integrity of your home intact, de-icing controls are an absolute must (particularly if you live in a cold area).
  • There are many ways to control thermostats besides manual thermostatic heads. Check out our supply of digital thermostats for more information.
  • If you are having trouble deciding which controls or switches you need, make sure to talk to your local plumber or call us as soon as possible.

Shop Discount Plumbing Controls

Overall, PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of fantastic switches and plumbing controls for your consideration. And, with our low prices, high quality brands, and a host of other irrigation and plumbing products (not to mention HVAC), it’s easy to see why so many choose us for their home improvement needs. Call today for more information, or visit the rest of our site to check out our other awesome guides and products. We cannot wait to hear from you soon!

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