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From drains to gas stub outs, Sioux Chief has it all. This diverse company provides a wide variety of products to attract a large market segment. Manufacturing products for supply lines and drainage applications, they offer essential plumbing system components. Sioux Chief plumbing products have been leading the industry since the 1950s. They wanted a name that represented strength and pride, thus Sioux Chief Manufacturing. They are a company that has designed their products based on practical and basic needs making them an industry leader.

Hammer Arrestor

You have probably heard the term, but few can explain what a hammer arrestor is. To explain it simply, a hammer arrestor is a chamber that allows you to change flow without large changes in pressure (which can be harmful to your plumbing. The types of arrestors that are available can be specific to a certain application, but they generally function with the same process. Sioux Chief Mfg offers a great selection of hammer arrestors as well as trap primers available in all different. A trap primer is a device that adds water into an area that acts like a seal and traps the water in. The method is to prevent sewage and other unwanted fluids out of the water line.

Supply Line Fittings

Sioux Chief Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer for supply line fittings. These fittings include a line of PEX parts that have revolutionized the industry as they maximize efficiency. They also have been given a specific name that can only be found with Sioux Chief, PowerPEX. Included with their fittings is the popular polymer insert fitting. Sioux Chief plumbing fittings include a warranty, even if they are installed with other products.  These kinds of measures are what make Sioux Chief such a reliable company. Not only do they offer high quality fittings, but all of the products they manufacture are in compliance with the .25% lead limit that is effective as of January 4, 2014.

Sioux Chief Drains

Maybe their most popular products, Sioux Chief Manufacturing breaks their drainage products down into two different categories, commercial and residential. Their commercial products consist of products such as clean outs and roof drains. These products are built to meet the demand of commercial building and withstand time. Their residential products consist of items such as shower Sioux Chief drains, floor drains, and air admittance valve among several other products. These products are designed to work with in the everyday needs of a home.

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As a company that is consistently researching and improving their products, Sioux Chief Manufacturing is bound to be a good choice for you. Whether you are looking for supply line products or drainage products, be sure to check out our amazing Sioux Chief plumbing products. These products are made available to you at where we work one on one with the manufacturer to provide you with wholesale cost.  Save on the best in plumbing supply available online.