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About Sprinkler Accessories

The right sprinkler accessories will keep your sprinkler installation in top notch shape. We carry sprinkler accessories for your automatic watering system, including: nozzles, drains, risers, and parts are available in all different sorts to allow you to provide water in even the most difficult or dry spots of your yard.

These components are designed to be easy to use so they can be incorporated with your existing sprinkler system or be installed in conjunction with a new system. Click here for sprinkler system parts.

Types of Sprinkler Accessories

Nozzles - It is probably thought that all sprinkler nozzles are created the same but that is an incorrect. Sprinkler nozzles are available in all different varieties depending on your watering needs. The most common types of nozzles to choose from are the full or half spray nozzles. These sprinkler system parts offer you with the option to spray a full 360 degrees or if you only need a 180 degree spray, also available are the three quarters spray which is somewhere in the middle of the other two. These nozzles allow you the option to customize the spray of your sprinklers and help you conserve water. A full spray is best to use when the sprinkler is in the middle of the grass or watering zone where as a half spray is a good option to use on the edge of your grass. Along with the full and half spray nozzles, you can also select the distance your nozzles spray. This sprinkler accessory allows you to design your system with the proper amount of coverage that will water your lawn most efficiently.

Drains - Do you wonder what happens to the water in your sprinkler line when the water has been shut off? To answer the question it will just sit in your pipe, that is if you do not use the right sprinkler accessories, namely drains. Sprinkler drains have been designed to allow your piping system to release any excess water. Adding drains to your sprinkler system is a good idea as it will prevent water from pooling in low spots and will help the water drain, preventing water from freezing in your pipes. When adding a drain to a sprinkler system it is best to install them in a low spot so the water can efficiently drain out of the pipes. As many or as few drains needed can be added to the system.

Risers - A riser is a perfect solution for ensuring that the raised flowerbed gets enough water without having to add an additional sprinkler. A riser is added to the pipe just below where the sprinkler has been installed. The riser is a long piece of pipe with a threaded end and once installed the sprinkler is attached to it. This sprinkler accessory raises the unit out of the ground and is perfect for high areas of grass or tall flower beds and does not affect how the sprinkler works.

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