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If you are looking for real solutions for your irrigation or plumbing needs, Taco pumps are the perfect place to get anything you need. They offer the highest quality items on the market and, no matter what you are looking for whether that is a potable water pump, circulators, or non-potable water pumps you will be getting them for the best price possible. 

With more than just wholesale water pumps to offer, PlumbersStock even carries Taco zone valve controls.  But, picking your pumps can be a difficult task, so here is a small guide both on the products offered by Taco Pumps and what you should do when picking from those products.

Taco Pump Selection

In the world of pumps, there are two major types: potable, and non-potable. In a nutshell, this label refers to whether or not you will be able to drink the water that the pump is flowing. This, obviously, is a very important distinction, and one that needs to be understood in-depth. So when do you use them? And what is the difference? Here are the things you need to know about potable vs. non-potable pumps.

  • Potable Taco Pumps: These pumps are made especially so rust does not build up and so contaminants from the usage of the pump do not get into the water, for obvious reasons. Normally, these have oxygen barriers on the radiant tubing, keeping rust from forming, and making sure your drinking water stays clean. Use these if the pump is going to be circulating water that your family will use for drinking, bathing, or any use that would bring water close to consumption or sensitive areas of the body.
  • Non-Potable Pumps: These pumps, on the other hand, do not have the safeguards in place to ensure the lack of contaminants in the water. Normally used for irrigation purposes, these pumps are more heavy duty and less safe for human consumption. Never use non-potable pumps if the Taco pump will be connected to the house'™s main water supply; contaminants from usage overtime will make the water unsuitable for drinking, and could cause sickness within your family.

Other Types of Taco Pumps

Other types that you may have to choose between include:

  • Displacement Pump: These pumps help displace thick waters by creating very precise flow volumes and create extremely high pressures.
  • Taco Recirc Pumps: Can be found in both potable and non-potable styles. Used to circulate water through a system, such as home water pipes and pool pumps.
  • Pump Pieces: If you have a pump that needs to be fixed, we offer a wide variety of pieces, accessories, and repair kits to help you fix your pump.

Taco Zone Valve Wiring and Controls -“ Hydronic Heating

With popular products like the Taco SR502 Zone Switching Relay you can have additional control over your radiant heating system (boilers).  Taco zone valve wiring is engineered to perfection allowing the most efficient use of your system.

Why Taco Pumps?

In short, Taco Pumps offers quality products, regardless of what you are looking for. They are built to last, and should solve any irrigation or plumbing problems that you may have. And, here at PlumbersStock.com is one of the biggest suppliers of Taco Pumps products online. With the lowest prices around, sales year round, and a track record of success, we are sure you €will be happy.

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