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About Work Knives and Blades

Check out our huge selection of discount work knives and blades for construction and home improvement applications. We have all the hand tools you need, whether you do drywall, are a plumber, HVAC technician, etc. Get the best work knife for your needs at a great price.

Types of Knives and Blades

  • Flooring/roofing knife - sometimes called linoleum knives, these are great for cutting flooring. They are typified by the hook of the blade that comes to a sharp point.
  • Hobby knife - commonly referred to as X-ACTO knives, they are used for making precise cuts on all types of projects.
  • Plastering tools - scratcher tools and scarifiers are necessary for those working with drywall.
  • Putty knife - also referred to as a spackle knife, this tool is used for scraping your project surface or spreading plaster and other types of material.
  • Scissors - the cutting tool that needs no introduction.
  • Scoring knife - used to cut grooves in glass, tile, and other types of hard materials.
  • Sliding T-bevel blade - there are too many names for this one. Many people call it a bevel gauge or a false square, so take your pick. This is actually a measuring tool and not a cutting tool.
  • Utility knife - also referred to as safety knives, these are one of the most useful cutting tools in a handyman's arsenal. We have many different options for utility knives, so you will be able to find one to suit you.

Save on the Best Work Knives Online

You can save on the best handyman knives and blades available anywhere online, right here. If you have any trouble finding the right tool for your project, please contact us via chat, email, or just call.

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