Toto MS8732CUMFG#01B TOTO NEOREST Dual Flush Elongated Toilet with WASHLET, CEFIONTECT, TORNADO FLUSH, 1.0 And 0.8 GPF, Cotton White with Black Trim - MS8732CUMFG#01B

TOTO NEOREST Dual Flush Elongated Toilet with WASHLET, CEFIONTECT, TORNADO FLUSH, 1.0 And 0.8 GPF, Cotton White with Black Trim - MS8732CUMFG#01B

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About the Toto MS8732CUMFG#01B

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Hygiene!

Revolutionize your bathroom experience with the TOTO MS8732CUMFG#01B dual flush elongated toilet from the NEOREST collection. This exquisite toilet combines elegance, convenience, and cleanliness to transform your space. The decorative metallic black finished trim adds a touch of opulence, elevating the overall design of your bathroom. With its skirted feature that conceals the trapway, you'll enjoy a seamless surface from the base to the floor. This design enhances aesthetics and improves hygiene by providing fewer hiding places for dust, dirt, and bacteria.

The MS8732CUMFG#01B features the PREMIST technology, which sprays a fine water mist onto the bowl's surface, preventing feces from sticking and enhancing cleanliness. This WaterSense-certified toilet offers outstanding performance and water conservation. Its dual flush capability lets you choose between a powerful 1.0 GPF for solid waste elimination or a lighter 0.8 GPF flush for liquid waste removal. The TORNADO FLUSH technology creates a swirling action within the bowl, effectively removing waste with a powerful GPF.

Indulge in a personalized experience with the multifunction ergonomic stick-style remote control. Adjust the spray position, water temperature, water pressure, and seat temperature to your liking with just a touch of a button. The warm air dryer provides efficient drying, while the automatic air deodorizer ensures a refreshing and odor-free bathroom environment. The 4-users' personalized memory settings allow each individual to effortlessly access their desired combination settings, providing unparalleled customization and comfort for everyone in your household.

The ADA-compliant Universal Height of 17-5/16 inches ensures comfort and easy access for individuals of all abilities. Safely navigate your bathroom with the built-in night light, offering gentle illumination for nighttime visits. The seamless seat design eliminates gaps that can harbor dirt and grime, enhancing hygiene and aesthetics. This product is the replacement for the MS992CUMFG#01 discontinued toilet. This product offers many of the same functions as its predecessor but will ultimately give you a better experience overall.

TOTO presents the perfect combination of style, innovation, and functionality with the MS8732CUMFG#01B dual-flush toilet. Designed to deliver exceptional performance while promoting water conservation, enhanced cleanliness, and effortless operation, this toilet is just the beginning of your bathroom transformation. Explore our extensive range of luxurious tubs and showers, along with a wide selection of top-quality bathroom accessories, at PlumbersStock. Discover the perfect balance of quality and affordability as you transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style!

Manufacturer: Toto
Product: Toilet
Product Collection: Neorest
Style: Skirted
Toilet Features: Tornado Flush
  Automatic Flush
Room: Bathroom
Color: Cotton White
Shape: Elongated
Material: Vitreous China
WaterSense : Yes
ADA: Yes
Connection Type: NPT
Flow Rate: 1.0 and 0.8 Gallons Per Flush
Width: 16-1/8"
Length: 28-1/2"
Height: 20-7/8"
Connection Size: 1/2"
  Universal Height
Other Info: IAPMO Certified
  ASME Certified
  Cal Green
Mpn # MS8732CUMFG#01B
Shipping Dimensions 28.5" x 16.1" x 20.9"
Weight 112.00 lbs.
  • A Combination Of Visual Appeal, Ease Of Maintenance, And Improved Cleanliness! The skirted feature conceals the trapway, providing a continuous surface from the base of the toilet bowl to the floor, with no visible curves or crevices. This seamless integration creates a visually appealing and clean look, making the toilet easier to maintain. One of the primary advantages of the skirted feature is improved hygiene. With no exposed trapway, there are fewer areas for dust, dirt, and bacteria to accumulate. Additionally, the skirted design offers practical advantages in terms of durability and longevity. It is less susceptible to accidental damage or cracking.
  • Excellent Performance While Reducing Water Consumption! This WaterSense-certified toilet has a dual flush capability, which allows you to choose between two different flush volumes based on your needs. The 1.0 GPF option is typically used for solid waste elimination, providing a powerful flush. On the other hand, the 0.8 GPF option is designed for liquid waste removal, offering a lighter water discharge while maintaining performance.
  • Hygienic Water-Saving Power! The TORNADO FLUSH combines water flow dynamics and centrifugal force to create a powerful, swirling flush action within the toilet bowl. When the flush is activated, water is propelled into the bowl in a spiraling motion, effectively scouring the entire surface area and flushing away waste with remarkable efficiency. This feature creates a vortex effect, which enhances the flushing power and ensures a thorough and hygienic cleanse, leaving no residue or streaks behind.
  • Minimize Lingering Waste In Your Toilet Bowl! The PREMIST feature of TOTO toilets is an innovative technology that sprays a fine mist of water onto the inside of the bowl before each use. This feature creates a protective barrier that prevents waste from sticking to the surface. The benefits of this feature include improved cleanliness, reduced need for frequent manual cleaning, prevention of mineral deposits and limescale buildup, a sleek and fresh appearance, and minimized odors. It enhances hygiene and offers a more pleasant bathroom experience while requiring less maintenance.
  • Revolutionize Cleanliness And Hygiene In Your Bathroom! This faucet features CEFIONTECT technology, creating a smooth and non-porous surface on the toilet bowl. It offers exceptional hygiene, reduced maintenance, and a visually appealing bathroom experience. Enjoy effortless cleaning, resistance to staining and mineral buildup, water conservation, prevention of bacterial growth, and elimination of odors with CEFIONTECT technology.
  • Experience Personalized Cleansing And Comfort! This bidet toilet seat has a multifunction ergonomic stick-style remote control. Adjust the spray position, water temperature, water pressure, and seat temperature to your liking. The gentle aerated, warm water dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating features ensures a thorough and soothing cleanse. Enjoy a continuous hot water supply with the instantaneous water heater while conserving energy. The warm air dryer with five variable temperature settings provides a gentle and efficient drying experience. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with the automatic air deodorizer.
  • Unrivaled Customization, Comfort, And Efficiency! The EWATER+ utilizes electrolyzed water, disinfecting the toilet bowl and eliminating bacteria, germs, and odors. Say goodbye to harsh chemical cleaners and embrace the eco-friendly benefits of this system, which promotes a healthier and more sustainable environment.
  • Experience Personalized Comfort And Convenience! This faucet features 4-users' personalized memory settings, catering to the unique preferences of each individual in your household. You can personalize your desired water temperature, pressure, spray position, and seat temperature. Once you save the settings, the toilet will automatically adjust to their preferences with a simple touch of a button. No more manual adjustments or compromises - each person can have their perfect combination of water temperature, pressure, and seat warmth at their fingertips.
  • Experience enhanced accessibility and comfort! This ADA-compliant toilet features a Universal Height of 17-5/16 inches, providing a comfortable and convenient experience for people of all ages and abilities. The 17-5/16 inches height ensures that the toilet is accessible to a wide range of individuals, including seniors, people with disabilities, and those with limited mobility. It promotes independence and reduces the risk of strain or discomfort during bathroom use.
  • Hygiene and style go hand in hand! Say goodbye to the hassle of dirt and grime accumulating in hard-to-reach crevices. The innovative seamless seat design ensures a sleek and flawless surface, eliminating any gaps where dirt can collect. Enjoy effortless cleaning and a pristine appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Navigate your bathroom with ease and safety! The innovative built-in night light feature provides gentle illumination during nighttime visits, eliminating the need for bright overhead lights that can disrupt sleep.
  • Take A Step To The Future! This toilet is the latest replacement for the discontinued MS992CUMFG#01 model. This cutting-edge offer preserves the functions of its predecessor but takes your experience to new heights of excellence. Embrace the seamless blend of familiarity and enhanced performance as you discover a world of improved functionality and unmatched satisfaction.


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