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When it comes to offering high-end quality products for your commercial building, T&S Brass has the products for you. T&S Brass parts are designed specifically for the use in commercial buildings and business. These products are made to withstand high traffic use as well as many special needs required in some buildings and business. If you are looking for a mop sink faucet or a medical faucet, T&S Brass has a good selection for you. 

They also offer products such as eye washing stations, gas fittings and components, and pre rinse faucets. If you are in the market for a new wall mount pre-rinse faucet then be sure to check out all the available options for T&S Brass faucet parts. 

T&S Pre-Rinse Faucet

If you own your own restaurant or bakery chances are you already know what a pre-rinse faucet is but for those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a high end faucets designed to withstand high pressures of water that will allow you to pre rinse dishes before they are washed. These faucets can be mounted directly on the sink or on a wall depending on your preference. They generally have a much taller shaft that a normal faucet with a sprayer that hangs down from it allowing you to spray your dishes. They also have hot and cold handles as a typical faucet does. Though the faucet is much larger than a normal faucet, they are available in mini size if you are looking for a smaller option or have space limitations. TS Brass provides these rinsing faucets with the option of adding on a spout so you can have both a sprayer and a spout in one faucet.

Twist Waste Valve

After you have been washing a long run of dishes, changing and draining the water is a must. Though it must be done reaching your hand into dirty dish water can be a repulsive thought. T&S Brass parts are so sophisticated that they offer a product that no longer requires you to reach your hand into the dirty dish water. Their twist waste valve has a lever like arm that is connected to the drain that you can switch to drain the water. These easy to use drain provide the alternative to reaching into that grungy dish water and is easy to install.

Other T&S Brass Faucet Parts

Specialized products are available such as eye washing stations and gas fittings and components. These items are perfect for the use in a science lab or are even required in some business that may have hazardous chemicals. All T&S Brass products meet the necessary requirements for each application.

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As you know, T&S Brass has a long line of products and not all of them are listed on Plumbersstock.com, Please contact a PlumbersStock.com professional if you have seen a T&S Brass product that you are interested no located on the website.

For all commercial plumbing products, be sure to check out our T&S Brass parts. They have set a goal to have the most reliable and efficient product around so you can be sure you can count on it.

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