Elongated vs. Round Toilets | Choosing Round vs. Elongated Toilet Seat (Infographic)

Elongated vs. Round Toilets

When buying a new toilet, there are many considerations you need to make. The obvious ones include color, flushing power, rough-in size, etc. One critical consideration that might get overlooked is the benefits of elongated vs. round toilets. There are pros and cons to each kind of toilet bowl, and we're here to cover the basics for you so that you can make a more informed decision.

Round Front Toilet Dimensions

As the name suggests, this kind of toilet has a round bowl. From the seat bolts to the front of the rim, the standard bowl measures 16-1/2 inches. It's also typically between 14-1/2 and 15-1/2 inches in height (without the toilet seat).

Elongated Toilet Dimensions

comparison infographic elongated vs round toilet bowls and seats

Elongated bowls are oblong, and the front juts out more than its round counterpart. The standard elongated bowl measures 18-1/2 inches from the bolts to the front. The most common elongated configurations come in chair height, which is about 16-1/2 inches tall. Then there are ADA options which are as tall as 17-1/2 inches.

Pros and Cons of Round vs. Elongated Toilet Bowls

An elongated bowl toilet is typically the preferred choice of adult users. The size of the bowl is convenient for men who stand when they go. It's also more comfortable for grownups to sit on. The designs are usually modern, and there are more options. Last pro, but not least, they are easier to clean. They usually cost a little bit more, and they definitely take up more space. Also, depending on what kind of space you're installing it in, you might have to go with a two-piece toilet to fit it into the bathroom door if you're coming in through a tight hallway or face some sort of building irregularity.

A round bowl, on the other hand, is more comfortable for kids. Also, the compact size makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Maybe the most attractive component is that they are cheaper. If you are shopping for round bowl configurations, you're more likely to find a one-piece toilet that fits your needs, which is easier to install. For design purposes, round-front toilets are typically very basic, and there are fewer options.

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