Moen M-CORE 2-Series Release

matte black moen align m-core 2-series tub and shower trimThe new Moen M-CORE 2-Series trim is here and it’s amazing. There are so many reasons to love these sleek designs, and you will be able to find the perfect match for a variety of collections. This trim is designed to go with M-CORE valves. So why is everybody so excited for this M-CORE 2-Series release? Here are just a few key features:

  1. There are no exposed screws or stop tube with these installations.
  2. They deliver excellent control over temperature and pressure balancing.
  3. It matches all M-CORE transfer valve trim.
  4. Back-to-back installation capability.

This is the smartest valve system to date, and it makes things so easy for contractors and new homeowners because it gives you the flexibility to match whatever trim configuration you need to the valve. Learn more about the M-CORE valve system.

How to Use Our Site to Find the Right Trim?

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for if you know what collection you like. Just use our site search feature to look up ‘moen’ + collection + ‘m-core’ + ‘2-series’. So, if you want to see the various products from the Align collection, you would search “moen align m-core 2-series” which you can see here and browse the results. Continue reading

New TOTO 2021 Drake Toilet Update

toto logoIf you know anything about TOTO, you are probably well aware of their most popular toilet line, the Drake collection. Because it’s so popular, the line continues to see updates, and summer 2021 brings us yet another refresh of the series. This TOTO 2021 Drake toilet update is great news for cost-conscious consumers (more on that in a bit). The right toilet will make all the difference in your bathroom remodel, so an affordable toilet from the innovative engineers at TOTO is a great option.

When Will The New Product Be In Stock?

PlumbersStock will add the products in two phases. The key products should all be on the site and ready to sell by the end of the month (June 2021). You may not have put it together yet, but they are calling this 2021 Drake because it’s 2021.

What’s New in the TOTO 2021 Drake Toilet Update?

Short and to the point, TOTO is phasing out the legacy Drake toilets. They are replacing them with essentially the same toilet, but with a couple of upgrades. They now have CeFiONtect glazing, an ion-barrier technology that will keep your toilet cleaner with less maintenance. Additionally, they now feature TORNADO FLUSH, which is a powerful and efficient dual-nozzle water propulsion system.

Maybe the best part is that you get both these new TOTO 2021 Drake features at the same price point as the affordable legacy Drake models.

Which Key Drake Models Will Phase Out?

The entire list is quite long, but it’s basically all of the original Drake toilets. It’s probably best to spend our time on the MPN’s that we anticipate will be the biggest sellers. For the record, all of these models listed below have elongated bowls with two-piece configurations, in cotton white:
toto 21 drake toilet with cefiontect and tornado flush

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Introducing the Moen Cia Bathroom Collection

6221EWBG single hole faucet in brushed goldMoen is hitting the market once again with a wonderful new bathroom fixture series. Your tub, shower, and sink will pop with the right faucets, and we have everything you need from the Moen Cia bathroom collection. In addition to fixtures, the accessories will complete your renovation project. This is the first bathroom collection to include MotionSense Wave technology on a lavatory faucet.

Moen is an industry leader when it comes to intelligent design and quality manufacturing. As they describe it, The Cia collection features distinctive, intersecting geometric forms and crisp details that complement an array of contemporary designs, from luxe-inspired décor to soft modern styles to industrial-leaning looks. The faucet artfully pairs both cylindrical and rectangular elements with a thin, high-arc spout for an elegant and refined feel.

Cia Finishes

The standard polished chrome is a beautiful option. Brushed nickel is a great substitute if you’re looking for something a little more muted. For those looking for a little more distinction, you can go with brushed gold or matte black.

Cia Lavatory Faucets

All bathroom sink faucets display a gooseneck spout and operate at 1.2 gallons per minute. There are two styles to choose from (single handle or widespread) and then an option for MotionSense:
all 3 moen cia lavatory faucets in chrrome

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Delta Coranto Kitchen Faucets Have Arrived

9979t-ar-dst coranto faucet in stainlessWith just one look, it’s easy to see why we are excited about this Delta Coranto kitchen faucets release. One of the many reasons it’s such a hotly anticipated line is that it comes with Touch2O technology. As a leader within the industry, Delta has a reputation for quality products with expert engineering.

The faucets are here, and they’re already shipping. We have four different finishes (chrome, Arctic stainless, Venetian bronze, and matte black) for both kitchen and bar faucets.

There are lots of other features that will be discussed later in this post. The series is typified by its elegance and practicality. As the manufacturer describes it, A contemporary take on traditional styling, the Coranto™ Kitchen Collection brings everyday refinement to a space with subtle design details that nod to both the past and the present.

Coranto Kitchen Sink Faucets

This faucet is loaded with features: MagnaTite docking keeps your pull-down spray precisely in place. ShieldSpray is designed to clean without too much splatter effect. DIAMOND Seal Technology reduces leaks and lasts 2x longer than the industry standard. The spout rotates on a 360-degree swivel, and the retractable hose is 20 inches in length. The Touch-Clean spray holes make hygiene easy and convenient.

all four finishes for 9179-dst kitchen faucets from the coranto collection
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New Delta Trillian Bathroom Faucet Collection

35543-ksmpu-dst widespread faucet in black stainlessDelta Faucet Company has done it again with this new, contemporary bathroom collection. You will love redesigning your bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink with sleek lines and multiple options for spout styles! We have everything you need from the Delta Trillian bathroom faucet collection, including all the accessories in beautiful, matching finishes. Familiarize yourself with the many different options before making a purchase. Delta is known for quality manufacturing, so make sure you really like the style because it’s going to last you a long time.

As Delta describes the collection, The prismatic faceting of the Trillian Bath Collection is an evolution of modern style that creates an edgy look which catches the light as well as the eye.

Trillian Finishes

Of course, there is a polished chrome option, which is pretty much viewed as the standard or default for any manufacturer. For the Trillian collection, Delta has made everything in Brilliance stainless steel, polished nickel, and stunning black stainless (you can see this unique finish pictured at the top of this post, in the form of the widespread 35543-KSMPU-DST lavatory faucet).

Trillian Lavatory Faucets

There are several options to choose from, and all of them will make your bathroom pop. For two-handle faucets, there are 3 choices:

polished chrome lavatory faucet options for Delta Trillian collection
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Swift 40V Power Tools Are Here!

It’s springtime, and we have added a new line of garden power tools to help you keep up with your landscaping. If you’re looking to get an interchangeable battery system that you can afford, then you’re in luck. We are excited to announce that Swift 40V power tools are here! They offer a wide selection of brush motor tools that all operate with the use of rechargeable 40V lithium-ion batteries. Everything in the lineup works off the same 40V battery.

Swift Mowers

Right now, there are two different mowers to choose from, and both are great options. The wide one comes with a 15-inch blade (17-inch wide base), and the compact one comes with a 13-inch blade (15-inch base).

mowing the lawn with swift mower
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Introducing Moen Kurv Kitchen Faucets

9126EWC Kurv kitchen faucet in chromeThe innovators at Moen have done it again with a new kitchen collection! You will love our selection of Moen Kurv kitchen faucets. There are many different options from which to choose, and you should be familiar with all of them before making a purchase. With Moen, you know you are getting quality manufacturing with all the latest cutting-edge technology.

Speaking of state-of-the-art tech, one of the most exciting options is the 91260EW (pictured here at the top) which works using motion sensors. This MotionSense Wave is patented and improves hygiene while making the faucet easier to use. If that isn’t enough for you, try one of the faucets that integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-activated control.

Kurv Kitchen Faucets

You get everything you’d expect with the standard pulldown faucet. They’re elegant, sleek, and the right finish will make your kitchen really stand out.

Features include Duralock quick connect system, Reflex retraction, a 1255 Duralast cartridge, PowerBoost spray technology, and they operate at 1.5 gallons per minute. Continue reading

New Moen Belfield Kitchen Faucets

7260EVC belfield kitchen faucet in chromeEverybody loves the Belfield collection for good reason. It offers a sort of vintage style that is timeless and will look great in your home. The manufacturer has recently released new Moen Belfield kitchen faucets, and you should be familiar with all the features and options. Moen leads the industry with its innovative spirit and knack for quality construction.

One of the most exciting options is the 7260EV (pictured here at the top) which includes the capability to integrate with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. That way, you can control your faucet with voice-activated technology (more on that later). If you want something less complicated but still cutting edge, try the MotionSense Wave technology, which we’ll address.

New Belfield Pulldown Faucets

The majority of this release is pulldown faucets. Here are the standard options without all the bells and whistles:

Features include Duralock quick connect system, Reflex retraction, a 1255 Duralast cartridge, PowerClean spray technology, ADA compliance, and they operate at 1.5 gallons per minute. Continue reading

New TOTO WASHLETs, Toilets, Technology for 2021

The new year has brought some fun additions to the TOTO lineup, and we’re so excited to carry them here at PlumbersStock. We’re pleased to announce new TOTO WASHLETs, technology, and Aquia IV toilet designs. Times are changing, and it’s time for a few transitions. TOTO is replacing the old with better ideas and innovations. We’ll start with the sexiest products first, of course!


c2 washlet+ series in cotton whiteIn case you do not know, WASHLETs are a name-brand version of electronic bidet seats, but the two terms have become synonymous, much like Coke and soda. The technology that TOTO has developed has been leading the way for decades now. The C2 will be phasing out the classic C100 models.

The C2 has gentle aerated, warm water, and the dual-action spray comes with oscillating and pulsating features. You can adjust the water temperature and volume. The warm air drying feature allows three variable temperature settings. The Air deodorizer works automatically. You operate everything with the convenient arm control panel. The docking station makes it easy to install and clean. The heated seat allows for temperature control. EWATER+ auto-cleans the wand itself. The on-demand remote function cleans the wand with EWATER+ whenever you want. Last but not least, the water PREMISTs the bowl before each use, which keeps the toilet clean. There are three models:

The WASHLET+ option means it’s set up for a T40 connection (more on that later). Continue reading

SCALA 2 Is the Future: Grundfos Phasing Out MQ3 Series

scala2 perfect water pressure ensures improved performanceThe latest and greatest in residential pressure boosting pumps is now officially the SCALA2 series. Our customers are very familiar with Grundfos. Though SCALA2 hit the market a few years back, many customers remained dedicated to the older MQ3 series for its reliability.

So how does the SCALA2 vs. MQ3 series measure up? SCALA2 did have a few manufacturer flaws (more on that later), but they’ve now been fixed, and it is the superior pump. They have made it easier to meet the variable demands of your plumbing system while delivering the reliability and integrity you expect with Grundfos engineering.

When Will Grundfos Phase Out MQ3?

You could say that it’s already begun and probably will be complete in June. For customers who want to continue buying the MQ3 series, PlumbersStock will carry it as long as we can because we know plenty of people will still be looking for it. Here are the MQ3 models in question:

You no longer have to worry about horsepower when buying a residential booster pump. SCALA2 is built to meet your water flow demands. It ramps up and down when it needs to with its constant pressure system (more on that in a second). Here are the SCALA2 models in question:

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