How to Adjust Water Level in Toilet Bowl | Get More Water in Toilet Bowl

How to Adjust Water Level in Toilet Bowl

Getting the water level right in your toilet is important because if it's too high, you risk overflow. If it's too low, you run the risk of creating clogs over time because it doesn't operate with enough flushing power. That's what you need to know how to adjust the water level in the toilet bowl. First, let's start with an important question:

What Is the Correct Water Level for My Toilet?

There is probably some sort of indicator on the inside wall of your toilet tank that marks where the water level should be. It's typically around 1 - 2" below the fill valve and the overflow tube.

How to Get More Water in the Toilet Bowl

adjust toilet water level with float

Hopefully, this is an easy task. All you should have to do is adjust the float attached to your fill valve. There are different kinds of floats. Traditionally, toilets use a float ball attached to the fill valve on the end of an arm that extends out. More modern toilets use a cylindrical float cup that's essentially part of the fill valve.

If you need a more detailed explanation, please read how to adjust a toilet float.

If adjusting the float doesn't do the trick, then the fix is probably a more difficult task. It's likely that you're going to need to replace your float and maybe even the whole fill valve.

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