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About Electronic Bidet Seats

If you want to revolutionize your bathroom, why not try one of our electronic bidet toilet seats? Take your toilet into the future with these inventive solutions. The most popular bidet toilet seat is the innovative WASHLET system. Shop around for some of the best prices you'll find anywhere online. If you want a complete bidet toilet combo, we carry those too.

TOTO is the genius behind the WASHLET, and they are leading the industry for these hygienic bathroom products. We offer a wide range of options, including the TOTO Neorest, which is a complete unit, and we also have bidet seats that can be installed with just about any toilet. We even carry the travel-size WASHLET. Be sure you get a bidet seat that matches your configuration, whether you have a round bowl or an elongated toilet.

What Is a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Rather than installing an entire porcelain bidet, you can install a toilet seat that functions as a bidet. The TOTO bidet seat is so popular that “WASHLET” has become synonymous with the term bidet toilet seat. TOTO is a trusted Japanese manufacturer with a knack for innovation. The name WASHLET is a derivative of “let wash” that alludes to the idea that the unit does the washing for the user. WASHLETs have grown in popularity due to the advanced features offered by each model. We carry bidet seats from other manufacturers, including Brondell.

Bidet Seat Features to Consider

Here are some cool features you will find in bidet toilet seats:

  • Automatic open/close lid
  • Front and rear cleansing
  • Massage feature
  • Three-temperature warm air drying
  • Air purifier
  • Heated seat

Choosing Your Bidet

  1. Know the Size and Shape of your Toilet: Unless you’re purchasing a single-unit bidet, you need to know what size of the bidet to buy. Know before you buy long and elongated, short and circular, or else you may get the wrong one.
  2. Find out what type of bidet you want: Though we’ve already mentioned the popular “spray bidet” model, there are a few different types with different modes, features, or behavior, and you need to know which one you want.
  3. Don’t Expect a Separate Bowl: Most bidets—particularly here in the US—are overlays that fit within the toilet itself, contrary to what you might see in the movies. This is because the separate bowl models are costly and often not worth the money. Yes, these models are available to you if you can afford them, but know that—with standard bidets—you won’t be getting a standalone basin.

Environmental Benefits of Bidet Toilet Seats

Studies show that Americans use approximately 37 billion rolls of toilet paper yearly, the equivalent of 15 million trees. Not only are bidet seats designed to enhance a bathroom, but they also reduce the use of toilet paper, which is beneficial on multiple levels. With a reduced amount of toilet paper that flushes into the sewer system, there is less chance for clogs and a reduced need to empty the septic tank.

Another benefit specific to the TOTO WASHLET is the used water per flush. Initially, some users were skeptical of WASHLETs with all of the features and new technology. One of the impactful improvements that Toto has had to make in designing their bidet toilet seat is water usage. TOTO has designed the WASHLET to get the job done while using approximately one gallon of water per day for the average family, which is not a significant increase over the typical water used by the alternative traditional toilet seat.

Benefits to Personal Hygiene

New advancements in the bidet seat industry have proved that their cleaning features are superior to wiping with toilet paper regarding personal hygiene problems, such as infection. Experts were initially worried that the water expelled from the bidet spray faucet might become contaminated and spread disease, but to counteract this unfounded concern, the TOTO WASHLET includes a self-cleaning nozzle. WASHLETs are among the most successful and environmentally friendly ways to optimize your bathroom.

Buy Electronic Bidet Seats Online

For questions about bidet toilet seats, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff via e-mail or phone and get the answers you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

We also carry bidet rough-in valves for your installation. Save on all kinds of bathroom accessories here at PlumbersStock. We carry so many great brands, including:

  • Brondell
  • TOTO
  • and more!

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