How to Replace a Toilet Handle | How to Fix a Broken Toilet Handle

How to Replace a Toilet Handle

If the flush lever on your toilet is broken, then you need a replacement. You can flush it manually by lifting the flapper with your hand, but that's not going to fly with the wife for longer than a day or so. It's an easy replacement job to perform, but you need to know how to fix a broken toilet handle. Before we get to the troubleshooting, we need to start with the basics.

Is the Broken Handle Fixable?

It's possible the broken handle can be fixed with a simple solution. What is the nature of the problem? If it's loose, you can probably tighten the nut that secures it into place. Or maybe the issue is that the flushing mechanism doesn't work at all. You might need to reconnect the flapper chain (or lift rod) to the lift arm. Open your tank lid and check to see if tightening the nut secures it into place. If neither of these quick tricks can get the job done, then you need to replace the handle.

Before You Start Your Replacement Project

diagram of parts - how to fix a broken toilet handle

You should know that not all toilet handles work the same. Though there are universal options, you need to be careful that you don't accidentally buy one that won't fit your toilet tank. Your handle may mount on the front, left side, or right side, and you need to take note of this before making a purchase.

How to Replace a Toilet Handle

Here is the process for changing out a broken toilet handle:

  1. Buy a new tank lever.
  2. Remove the tank lid.
  3. Inside the tank, detach the lift arm from the chain/rod that connects it to the flapper.
  4. The flush handle is secured in place with a mounting nut where the lift arm pivots. Before you start turning the nut, please take note that it is probably reverse-threaded, which means you need to turn it clockwise to loosen (opposite of what you're used to). You may be able to remove the nut with your hand, but if not, an adjustable wrench should do the trick.
  5. Once you have removed the nut, the handle assembly should slide right out.
  6. Your new assembly probably has the nut and o-ring assembled all. Remove those components and then slide the arm through the hole in the tank.
  7. Slide the o-ring over the arm and into place, and then the nut. Now, hand-tighten the tighten it. Finish with a little turn of the wrench.
  8. Connect the lift arm to the flapper chain.
  9. Test the flushing mechanism and adjust where you connect the chain to the arm as needed. If the chain is too taught, the flapper will not seal. If it's too long, it won't flush sufficiently.

That's it! You're all done.

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