Wood vs. Plastic Toilet Seat | Wooden or Plastic Toilet Seat

Wood vs. Plastic Toilet Seat

why choose plastic vs wood toilet seats

If you're in the market for a new toilet seat, there are few considerations that you need to think through. One thing that you should consider is the prospect of wood vs. plastic toilet seats. Plastic is the standard, but wood designs are more fun, so which should you choose? The experts here at PlumbersStock have the answers you need to make the right decision. If your seat is broken, then it's time to find a replacement and get your toilet working like new.

Pros and Cons of a Plastic Toilet Seat

Plastic seats are more affordable, which is a good place to start. Though plastic toilet seats can be flimsy, a quality seat can be just as comfortable and sturdy as a wooden seat, though it's never going to be quite as durable. Plastic is so easy to keep clean, and that's a huge benefit when you're dealing with such a germ-ridden fixture.

Maybe the most important benefit is that you can opt for a quiet-closing lid. You don't have to bend over to place the lid down softly. A quick flip of the wrist will quietly return the lid and seat to its place. If you have sleeping babies in your home, then this is a must. We highly recommend that you go plastic so that you can get a slow-close toilet seat. If you've shopped around for these, you know they can be a bit expensive. We have unbeatable deals on these two ProStock options:

Pros and Cons of a Wooden Toilet Seat

installed wooden seat - wood or plastic toilet seats

Wooden seats are durable, which also means they are heavier. That's both good and bad. It is good because a sturdy seat is more comfortable, but since it's heavy, there probably is no option for quiet closing seats. Wooden seats are typically more expensive.

Assuming you are buying a wood toilet seat from a major manufacturer, the seat will have a sealant that makes the cleanliness no concern at all. But if you're dealing with a handmade seat that you bought from a carpenter, then the wood's porous nature can be a hygienic problem. Wooden toilet seats cost more, and that ultimately is the largest deterrent for most consumers.

Save on Toilet Seats and More

Now that you know how to choose between a wooden or plastic toilet seat, you can save big on all the toilet parts and plumbing tools that you need to maintain your toilet. PlumbersStock has over three decades of experience in the plumbing industry, and we've brought that expertise online. We are partnered with the most trusted brands and offer great prices, especially to industry professionals. If you can buy in bulk, we can give you great deals, so please contact us.

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