How to Measure a Toilet Seat | Toilet Seat Measurements

How to Measure a Toilet Seat

So your toilet seat broke, and now you need a replacement, but you're not sure what to buy. You need something that fits your toilet, which means you need to figure out what the right size is. Here, we go over how to measure a toilet seat in a quick fashion so you can get to shopping ASAP. All you need for this task is a tape measure.

Toilet Seat Measurement in 3 Steps

toilet seat measurements should be done from the bolts

Regardless of whether you have an elongated seat, a round-front seat, or even a D-shaped seat, the way to take a measurement is all the same.

  1. Find where the seat is bolted down and measure the distance between the two bolts. It's very likely that yours is the standard 5-1/2 inches.
  2. Then, measure the widest part of the seat.
  3. Last, to get the length, you need to measure from between the bolts to the front outer edge of the seat. The standard here is 16-1/2 inches for round front seats and 18-1/2 inches for elongated seats.

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