New Delta SimpleSteam Shower System

delta simplesteam steam shower kit in matte blackImagine the perfect spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home. This dream is no longer out of reach, thanks to Delta’s innovative steam shower systems. Introducing the Delta SimpleSteam shower system. Your favorite faucet company brings a world of relaxation and rejuvenation to your home. Let’s explore this state-of-the-art innovation in detail and discover how SimpleSteam can enhance your daily wellness routine. Remember, you can save on all Delta steam shower products at PlumbersStock. Make it easy on yourself and buy an all-in-one steam shower kit.

The SimpleSteam Kit by Delta is a testament to its name – it is simplicity at its finest. This user-friendly system allows you to enjoy the benefits of at-home steam whenever desired. Beyond relaxation, the SimpleSteam aims to enhance your overall well-being. The best part? All of this is achieved while conserving precious water and energy resources.

SimpleSteam Features

Here are some key features of the SimpleSteam system:

  1. Kit Components: A SimpleSteam Kit comprises the SimpleSteam Generator, SimpleSteam Square Control, and Square Steam Head. There are three different colors to choose from: matte black (pictured above), Lumicoat polished chrome, and Lumicoat stainless steel.
  2. Generator Power Options: The generator is available in various sizes, ranging from 4 kW to 15 kW, ensuring you can choose the power level that suits your needs.
  3. Compact Installation: The generator’s compact design allows for flexible installation, whether it’s in a vanity, closet, or an insulated attic or basement.
  4. Extended Cable: A 35′ cable comes with the kit, but extension cables are available separately if you need a longer cable.
  5. Generator Pan and Auto Drain: Purchase the recommended generator pan and auto drain (5GA-PAD-208 or 5GA-PAD-240) separately for added convenience.
  6. Quality Assurance: The generator comes with a stainless steel tank and is UL-listed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Delta covers electronic parts for up to two years.
  7. Control in Your Hands: The control panel allows you to turn the system on and off, adjust the temperature, and set the duration of your steam session. You must install the control inside the shower area for user safety.
  8. Aromatherapy Ready: The Square Steam Head features a 3/4″ NPT and a silicone cover, making infusing essential oils into your steam experience easy.

Delta’s commitment to your well-being and the environment is evident in the SimpleSteam System. By offering a luxurious steam shower experience while conserving water and energy, Delta sets a new standard for home spa simplesteam shower system in action

What Does Delta Say About It?

Life can be difficult. Steam shouldn’t be. Enjoy an at-home steam room with the SimpleSteam Kit. Simple to order and simple to use, this steam shower kit is perfect for decompressing after a long day, relaxing after a workout, and focusing on your well-being. The compact design allows for accessible storage under a vanity, in a closet, or in an insulated attic or basement. Each steam head has 360° dispersion and an essential oil reservoir on top.

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Transform your daily routine into a rejuvenating experience with Delta’s innovative steam shower systems. It’s time to savor the calming, therapeutic effects of steam from the comfort of your own home. Experience the future of relaxation with Delta’s advanced technology. Our customers love Delta, and it’s easy to see why. However, if you want to check out other brands for steam showers, we have those, too. We even have other series of steam generators by Delta!

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