Introducing Moen Smart Sprinkler Controllers and Soil Sensors

moen smart sprinkler system requires a controller and soil sensorsWith spring just around the corner, we’ve got you covered for lawn care. You may be surprised to find that Moen is changing the game with smart home tech. We’re excited to announce the new Moen smart sprinkler system. Technology is increasingly making life easier and better in many ways, and it’s no different with residential irrigation. These Moen smart sprinkler controllers will make your lawn look beautiful through automation and minimal effort on your part. There are four new products from which to choose:

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New Moen eToilets with Bidet Seats: 2-Series vs. 3-Series vs. 5-Series

moen et2200 5-series etoiletWe are excited to announce the new Moen eToilets with bidet seats here at PlumbersStock. We’ve got the 2-series, 3-series, and 5-series options, which come with tons of features (keep reading for details). Moen combined the functionality of electronic bidet seats with the beauty and compact design of luxury toilets, and you are going to love the results. Here are the three options (all in white).

eToilet Features

Luxury smart toilets enhance comfort, improve hygiene, and will have you wondering how you ever lived without one. Each toilet looks the same, so really, the only difference is in the many features they offer:

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Introducing Moen eBidet Seat Attachments: 3-Series vs. 5-Series

white 3-series eBidet seat attachment by MoenWe are excited to announce the release of new Moen eBidet seat attachments. There are three models from which to choose. Moen is known as an innovator in the plumbing industry, and we’re so happy to see them bring their affordable ingenuity to the bidet toilet seat world. With affordable pricing and a retrofittable design to replace any current and traditional toilet seats. If you want a biscuit seat, you only have one option. There are two different options for white seats. All of them are elongated:

What Are the Features?

These Moen bidet seat attachments are affordable and can be retrofitted to replace any current elongated toilet seat. Bidet seats improve hygiene and enhance comfort, and it’s no different with these Moen solutions. One major difference between the two models is how they appear. The 5-series has a sleeker design:
moen ebidet seat attachments 3-series vs. 5-series

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New Moen Smart Kitchen Faucets: Nio, Paterson, Sinema, Weymouth

brushed gold moen weymouth smart faucetWe are excited to introduce the new Moen smart kitchen faucets that are additions to the Nio, Paterson, Sinema, and Weymouth collections. Moen is a manufacturer renowned for its ingenuity and cutting-edge technology. They are constantly releasing top-of-the-line plumbing products that make life easier. These new intelligent faucets perfectly demonstrate that fact.

What Are the Features?

These smart faucets offer touchless operation with advanced sensor technology. What’s unique is that you can control water flow and temperature using simple hand gestures. On top of that, these faucets allow for voice activation and app-based features. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If a user prefers the good old-fashioned way, operate the faucets with their single-handle design.

These new intelligent kitchen faucets are just as functional as they are convenient. With PowerClean™ spray technology, the smart faucets provide 50 percent more spray power compared to typical pulldown/pullout faucets. The aerated stream is also powerful and efficient. Each faucet has the Reflex™ system for smooth operation, easy movement, and secure spray head docking.

Nio Smart Faucets

matte black moen nio smart faucetYou can read about the original 2019 Nio release here. As the manufacturer explained the Nio collection, The kitchen is often the most popular space to mix finishes as it’s likely to have the greatest number of fixtures. Nio allows consumers the opportunity to embrace this trend with a simple swap that carries a big impact. Check out the four color options:

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New Moen Belfield and Genta LX Spring Kitchen Faucets

moen genta pre-rinse faucetWe are excited to announce Moen’s new additions to their faucet gallery, the Genta LX and Belfield pre-rinse spring faucets. Moen is continuously expanding their brand to be more functional, sleek, user-friendly, and technologically innovative. These new models perfectly embody these notable traits. There is no better way to make your kitchen pop than a stunning faucet as the centerpiece, and pre-rinse spring-style faucets are all the rage in interior design.

What Are the New Genta and Belfield Models?

The Genta LX series has three new models and sports a modern look with its contemporary, curved edges.

The Belfield series has four new models. It boasts a detailed colonial style with intricacy, giving it a classic, timeless appearance.

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New Moen Wall-Mount Tub Fillers 2022

genta series - new moen wall-mount tub fillers in matte black

We are proud to announce the release of new Moen wall-mount tub fillers, which neatly blend easy use with, style, grace, and convenience. The wall-mounted configuration leaves you with a more spacious and inviting tub. You’ll find the right fit for you and your home with these various styles. With high flow capabilities for a faster tub fill-up time, to get you in and out of the tub quickly or get you in and relaxing in no time. Moen offers the best engineering and beautiful designs.

When is the Release?

The new Moen tub fillers will release in three phases over the next few months. Phase one is already available for order. Rough-in valves will be available on August 4th, 2022.

What Is in Phase 1?

There are new tub fillers in each of the following collections: the Genta, Align, Gibson, Cia, Colinet, Doux, and 90 Degree series.

Genta Tub Fillers

In Moen’s own words, “The Genta bath suite boasts contemporary, curved edges for an appealing, yet substantial style that brings a sleek feeling to the Bath.”

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Introducing the Moen Verso Shower System

view of moen verso shower installedSpring 2023 Update:

We are excited to announce the arrival of new Verso fixtures. Moen has released eight stunning shower heads in four different finishes, and then each finish has two options for water usage:

Original article:

We are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new shower series from our friends at Moen. This simple solution can transform your shower experience by merely replacing your shower head. The new Moen Verso shower system offers an 8-function spray, and it is built with 2-in-1 shower and hand shower capability.

Moen Verso Shower Lineup

If you want to retrofit your shower with a Verso, you have eight choices. The options are based on flow rates (2.5 gallons per minute vs. 1.75) and color/finish (polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed gold).

Standard 2.5 GPM Options:

Efficient 1.75 GPM Options:

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New Moen Bathroom Faucets with MotionSense Wave

moen bathroom faucets with motionsense, flara in brushed gold installed

We are excited to announce that some of our favorite Moen collections have exciting new additions. Here at PlumbersStock, you can save on new Moen bathroom faucets with MotionSense Wave from the Flara and Doux series.

MotionSense is a proprietary touchless sensor faucet technology that improves user experience regarding hygiene and convenience. It’s just one of many reasons Moen is an innovative industry leader. There are 7 new models to choose from, including 5 different colors:

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Introducing Moen Cia Kitchen Faucets

view of brushed gold moen cia kitchen faucetAt PlumbersStock, Moen is one of our favorite brands, and it’s easy to understand why. They make beautiful faucets! One of the most popular bathroom collections released in the past few years is the Cia series, and we’re pleased to announce that we now have the new Moen Cia kitchen faucets. That’s right, Moen has expanded the line to include bar/prep faucets and kitchen sink faucets.

Just like with the bathroom faucets, there are four colors. However, for the bathroom series, it’s chrome, matte black, brushed gold, and brushed nickel. For the kitchen faucets, it’s chrome, matte black, brushed gold, and Spot-Resist stainless. There are a total of 16 choices:

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Moen Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

toddler playing with Moen Align MotionSense faucet technology
My toddler loves the hands-free MotionSense Wave technology.

My wife and I had been planning to remodel our kitchen for a few years, and a mold issue behind the dishwasher expedited the process. This accident expedited the process. Instead of repairing the damaged cabinets, we had the insurance company cut us a check to spend on a complete remodel. If you can get over living with torn-out cabinets and then a remodel for months, then this is what we call a happy accident. It paved the way for our new Moen farmhouse kitchen remodel. Maybe our experience will inspire you to overhaul your home’s layout, just like we did.

Scroll to near the end of the post to see before and after images.

What Did We Do?

Every kitchen is different, and in some cases, you may keep all your appliances or maintain your layout. We did not. The sky is the limit, so get as creative as possible.

Sink and Faucet

We wanted the kitchen sink to be a focal point. We love farmhouse style with the apron front, and white was the only option we considered. We actually bought an Elkay sink, but it arrived with a chip on the corner (FedEx’s fault). The manufacturer didn’t have anything in stock to replace it, so I got a refund through PlumbersStock. They handled all of that for me. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise because I got a wider 33-inch model, the Moen farmhouse sink (FC331910). I initially went with Elkay because they have a strong reputation for making quality sinks. Moen is fairly new to the sink game, but this one was highly rated, and I saved a little money.

There were no misgivings about what faucet we wanted. Although we weren’t sure about the color, we had been eyeing this Moen Align faucet (with MotionSense Wave) for a while. This Moen soap dispenser perfectly complimented the faucet, and the black air switch was a fun touch. The switch, of course, operates the fancy new 3/4 HP InSinkErator disposal. And we needed a black disposer flange to match everything else.

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