Pfister Neera Kitchen Faucets Are Here!

matte black pfister neera culinary kitchen faucet installedWe’re excited at the launch of this new series of Pfister Neera kitchen faucets. It’s an excellent option for anybody serious about cooking. Not only is it beautiful, but it delivers the functionality that a professional needs. Currently, we carry two options, each in four different finishes. One is a semi-pro culinary design, and the other is a standard pull-down. As Pfister describes the collection:

If there’s one faucet that’s prepared to bring out your inner chef at the drop of an impromptu dinner party, Neera is it. Soft, clean, transitional lines look beautiful in repose while the culinary option hints contemporary flair. This powerhouse is packed with features for chefs and foodies alike. Available in the most current finishes, Neera’s all the inspiration you need to dive into a new cookbook or two.

Neera Features

These new Neera faucets are one-hole configurations with one handle, 360-degree rotating spouts, and high arc designs. Both models offer a 3-function spray (spray, stream, pause) head that is easy to maintain with wipe-clean nozzles. Each comes with Pforever Seal ceramic disc valve technology, which has a reputation for lasting integrity. The forward-only handle control gives it personality, and it’s easy to use. The pull-down spray is supported by AccuDock secure docking patented technology. They both operate powerfully at just 1.8 GPM.

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New Manufacturer: Trone Smart Toilets

There’s a new kid in town within the bidet toilet combo market and consumers are loving the affordability. Trone smart toilets are hitting the market with an excellent selection of models that will take your bathroom into the future. The innovative engineers at Trone have come up with dazzling designs. They combine the cutting-edge technology of electronic bidet seats with fashion-forward toilets. You will love the sharp edges, and the features can change your quality of life. Here are the models of Trone bidet toilet combos that we carry here at PlumbersStock:


Its curved front and compact design typify this floor-mounted, elongated Nobelet series. You can get the Nobelet in either matte black or white, and both look amazing. The ADA-approved 18.5″ rim height needs to be taken into account. That may be too tall for some, but for others, it makes life so much better. It’s an environmentally-conscious option, as it operates with a powerful siphon jet flushing system at 1.3 gpf with multiple flushing modes.

nobelet bidet toilet combos, both black and white

The bidet seat works off of remote control. The sensors help to maintain hygiene. The adjustable spray wand allows you to get the customization you need for thorough cleaning. And the feature you’ll be so happy to have on a cold winter’s day, the heated seat! Let’s not forget, there is an LCD InfoSCREEN, a dryer/deodorizer, and more.

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New Bradford White Infiniti K Series

If you’re one of the many Americans considering a switch to tankless water heaters, then you should be familiar with this innovative, new Bradford White Infiniti K series. The manufacturer is billing it as the smartest on-demand water heater on the market. Here are the four focus products in this release: 160k BTU natural gas … Read more

Introducing the New Milwaukee MX FUEL Battery System

action shot of milwaukee mx fuel core drillYou’ve never seen anything quite like the new Milwaukee MX FUEL battery system! If you are a professional plumber, contractor, or just a serious DIY type, you are probably in the market for a powerful cordless solution for the biggest jobs. If this is you, then you should buy MX FUEL tools. We’re talking heavy-duty tools here, and we’ll get to them in a minute. One great thing about MX FUEL is that Milwaukee designed the system with entirely interchangeable batteries.

What sets the MX FUEL series apart (and this is true of any Milwaukee FUEL series), they come equipped with POWERSTATE brushless motors. According to the manufacturer, this means the equipment is engineered uniquely for the demands of each and is optimized for the perfect combination of performance, portability, and productivity.

MX FUEL Batteries

There are two different types of MX FUEL battery. The Milwaukee MXFCP203 is commonly referred to as just CP203 and takes 45 minutes to charge. The larger Milwaukee MXFXC406 is commonly referred to as XC406 and takes 90 minutes to charge. Pick your poison. In either case, you are getting a quality, powerful REDLITHIUM battery. For more information on the batteries, check out this MX FUEL battery buying guide.

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Fall TOTO Release: Wall-Hung Toilet Replacement, CT418FG vs. CT426CFG, CT428CFG

We are excited to announce the new fall TOTO release which includes an abundance of amazing bathroom design solutions. Maybe the most important change to mention right off the bat is that the TOTO has replaced the CT418F, CT418FG with the CT426CFG and CT428CFG. We’ll get into the differences between the models and all the different options later in this post. The other thing worth noting is that there are several new faucet collections (GB, GC, GE, GF, and GM). No matter what you like from this fall release, remember that PlumbersStock is going to offer you some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere online, so buy TOTO here.

Replacing the CT418F and CT418FG

new TOTO AP wall-hung toilet model

With these older models, the difference between them was that the CT418F did not come with CEFIONTECT technology, and the CT418FG did include it. This is a finishing glaze that makes your toilet beautiful and easier to keep clean. With this new release, all the toilets include CEFIONTECT technology, so technically there is no direct replacement for the CT418F. The two new models offer more efficiency*, two distinct designs (CT426CFG and CT428CFG), and a variety of options.

*Dual Flush now offers 1.28 gpf or 0.9 gpf, whereas with older models it was 1.6 gpf or 0.9 gpf

New AP Wall-Hung Toilets (CT426CFG)

  • CT426CFG#01 AP – Dynamax Tornado, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT
  • CT426CFGT40#01 AP – Dynamax Tornado, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, with S500e WASHLET+
  • CWT426CMFG#WH AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT
  • CWT4263046CMFG#MS AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, with S500e WASHLET+
  • CWT4263056CMFGA#MS AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, Auto Flush, with S550e WASHLET+

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New TOTO Drake Toilets Release

Have you heard the news? TOTO is phasing out older Drakes with updated models. TOTO Drake toilets are very popular, so we have seen a lot of curiosity about this transition. The most frequently asked question we’re getting is what is the difference between the old Drakes and the new TOTO Drake toilets release? We’ll get into the nitty-gritty details in a moment, but the highlights are that the new Drakes all have Dynamax tornado flushing and sleek rimless bowl design. We’re going to focus on some of the most popular examples from the Drake series (we’ll be shipping these August 1st):

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Introducing Moen Paterson Kitchen Faucets

2022 update: check out the new Paterson smart faucets!

Fall 2019 Update: Moen has added a few new fixtures to this popular collection. Like the rest of the collection, each model comes in chrome, Spot Resist stainless, and matte black. Check them out:

Original spring 2019 release:

chrome Paterson bar/prep faucet installedWe’ve got another exciting Moen release here at PlumbersStock. The new Moen Paterson kitchen faucets will have you set up for your main kitchen sink and bar sink, with beautiful designs and useful functionality. Moen explains the design: The faucet’s design brilliantly combines everyday industrial components – such as metal wands, bolt-inspired accents, and a secondary, optional spoke-and-wheel handle design – into one distinctive style. That’s right; each Paterson faucet comes with an option to use the wheel handle, which is very trendy right now.

There are two unique models in the collection, and three finishes for each model. The Paterson kitchen sink faucet is available in:

As mentioned, each of them has two handle choices (lever and wheel). If you want a matching fixture for your bar sink, then you will want to get your hands on one of these. To be clear, the bar faucet does include the pulldown feature:

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New Moen Nio Kitchen Faucets

matte black nio bar/prep faucet installed2022 update, check out the new Nio smart faucets, like this voice-activated Alexa-enabled kitchen faucet.

At PlumbersStock, we are very excited to introduce the release of a fantastic collection that includes eight beautiful fixtures, the new Moen Nio kitchen faucets. These designs were inspired by a growing trend in home decorating, the mixing of metals. For homeowners that like to personalize their kitchen, they’ll be happy to know that their purchase comes with multiple handle options (standard and accented).

There are two different models (one for the kitchen sink, one for the bar), and four finishes for each model. The Nio kitchen sink faucet is available in:

As mentioned, each of them has two handle choices. If you want a matching fixture for your bar sink, then you will want to get your hands on one of these. To be clear, the bar faucet does not have the pulldown feature:

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Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Starter Kit – GMG Online Bundle Deal

One of our favorite brands at PlumbersStock is Green Mountain Grills. Several of our employees have pellet grills, so we trade recipes one with another, and everybody enjoys delicious company cookouts. That’s why we are so excited to announce a deal that is exclusive to the web with this new Davy Crockett Smoker Grill bundle (DCWF-WEB). This is a portable Davy Crockett Pellet Grill starter kit, and it’s WiFi-enabled, so you can monitor temperature and change it using your smartphone. We’ll get more into the features later. Let’s talk about what’s included. You get everything you’d expect from the standard stainless, WiFi Davy Crockett (DCWF), plus:

  • a cover for protecting your grill
  • a Green Mountain Grills rub
  • 8lbs of gourmet wood pellets
  • freight shipping is included in the price

davy crockett pellet grill starter kit online bundle

This will make a great Father’s Day gift for any Dad.

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Elkay ezH2O Liv Bottle Fillers – New Release!

wall-mounted installation example of elkay ezh2o liv bottle fillersWe are excited to announce the arrival of the new Elkay ezH2O Liv bottle fillers here at PlumbersStock. We’ve been excited about them since we saw them demoed at KBIS 2018. There are four options right now, and we’ll go over all the features in a bit, but it’s worth mentioning that the real selling point with ezH2O Liv is that it’s a beautiful fixture you will love having in your kitchen. Earlier ezH2O models look like they are meant for commercial applications, whereas ezH2O Liv is intended for residential installations. You could go commercial with these, but they are coming out with a commercial option (more on that below). All of these models are filtered:

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