Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module Review – New & Improved

rain bird lnk2wifi module with phone app and controller (both sold separately)One of our most popular products the past few years has been the original LINKWIFI module which Rain Bird will now phase out with a new LINK2WIFI (F55005) module. Here we explain the timetable for this change, the new potential features, and more. Rain Bird is a popular solution for homeowners and lawn care professionals for good reason. If you find this Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi module review helpful, then please feel free to share it with others.

To utilize this new WiFi remote control technology, you will need both the module and take note that it’s compatible with the following controller series:

    • ESP-ME3
    • ESP-TM2
    • ESP-Me WiFi
    • And ST8 controllers

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Sprinkler Supply

The most respected names in the industry can be found here at discount prices. We have Rain Bird, Toro, and more. People are going crazy for the Rain Bird LNK WiFi module. The technology enables smartphone control over your sprinkler system. There are so many features; it makes more sense just to check out the product page for more information.

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New Rain Bird ESP-9V Battery-Operated Sprinkler Timers

view of the rain bird esp 9v timer within a sprinkler valve boxThere is a new sprinkler controller in town, and it’s changing the game. Rain Bird ESP-9V battery-operated sprinkler timers is a great solution for homeowners who need to install irrigation valves away from a convenient source of power. Rain Bird is the best when it comes to irrigation solutions. These innovative timers operate off two 9-volt batteries (standard alkaline) and that battery power should last more than two years. Before discussing the features, we want to list all the products in this series:

Rain Bird ESP-9V Controller Features

There is a lot going on with these timers, which isn’t immediately apparent. The ESP-9V’s are waterproof, including the battery chamber. It can withstand the harsh elements in a wet, muddy valve box, even. According to Rain Bird:

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Alexa Voice-Activated Rain Bird Skill – New App Update

to use voice activated control, you need a Rain Bird timer, the LNK WiFi, and AlexaThere is a new update to the Rain Bird App, which enables Rain Bird Skill by Amazon. It is now available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. With this Skill, end users can link ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me (more information on that below) controllers to their Alexa using the LNK WiFi Module and their Amazon account. In this post we’re going to cover:

  • How to set up the app
  • How to operate it
  • And a small guide to the timers and accessories that are compatible

With 130 different commands, Rain Bird offers unique features incorporating custom program and zone names while enabling inquiries into irrigation time remaining, rain sensor status, and seasonal adjustment values. Watch the video below for setup instructions or a demonstration of the voice commands. This capability is only available in the US and Canada.

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Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module Review

Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module for control with smart phone**2021 Update** there is a new LNK2WIFI module and you can learn more about it here with this LNK2WIFI product review.

Original article: Are you ready for the future of sprinkler system controls? If so, then you need to check out how the new Rain Bird LNK WiFi module is changing the game. Here’s the hook: with this irrigation solution, you can control your system from anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to plan ahead for a vacation. You can just manually operate your sprinklers from your hotel room in Maui, or your work conference in Des Moines.

To utilize this technology, you will need one or both of the following:

  • Rain Bird LNKWIFI Module (F55000) – you have to have this part. This WIFI module is what allows your controller to connect to the WIFI and, in turn, to your smartphone. It is compatible with three different series of controllers:
    1. Rain Bird ESP-TM2
    2. Rain Bird ESP-ME
    3. Rain Bird ST8
  • Rain Bird 639340 WIFI Capable Replacement Panel – if you don’t have one of the above models manufactured after November ’16, you will need this supplementary faceplate to update your controller.

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Toro EVOLUTION Sprinkler Timers Review

Nathan Baker

Toro Evolution Sprinkler Timers
This is the Toro EVO-4OD 4-Station Timer

As you probably know, Toro is known is an innovative trailblazer in the world of irrigation controls. If you want proof of that, look no further than Toro EVOLUTION sprinkler timers. Utilizing an intuitive interface and unique features, Toro allows for “smart” control of both residential and commercial applications.

All the timers in this product line share the following features:

  • Dimensions are approximately 11-1/4″ x 7-3/4″ x 4-1/2″
  • Weight is about 4-1/2 lbs
  • The number of stations varies from 4 to 16, with swappable modules
  • If you are in standard mode, there is one schedule
  • If you are in advanced mode, there are up to 3 irrigation schedules and 3 auxiliary
  • Run times range from 1 minute to 12 hours
  • There are 4 start times per schedule

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Toro TMC-212 Review

toro tmc 212 reviewby Cliff Kimber

The Toro TMC-212 is a great timer choice for homeowners everywhere.  It’s designed for flexibility and to meet its customers expectations.  The TMC-212 has a lot of amazing features and is built to last (consider another timer if you need a controller that can brave the elements).  If you are looking for a quality controller for your sprinkler system the TMC-212 may be an excellent choice for you.

A Sprinkler timer allows homeowners to reliably and conveniently water their lawn and plants.  Program the ideal schedule based on your climate and season for the greenest grass.  As you browse through this Toro TMC-212 review, consider the many features that makes it stand out from alternatives.

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Rain Bird 075 ASVF Review

rain bird 075 asvf reviewby Brett Thomas

If you are looking for an anti-siphon valve for your sprinkler system the Rain Bird 075 ASVF is a great option. This unique valve comes with a lot of great features. It’s 3/4-Inch, and a combination of an electric control valve and atmospheric backflow preventer all in one. If you are looking for an anti-siphon valve this one is definitely worth checking out.

What is a Rain Bird 075 Anti-Siphon Valve with Filter?

Almost every home has a water supply that can trace its source to a city water line. It then enters a cross connection. One connection goes into your house for drinking and bath water, and the other line remains outside for irrigation water. Just after this connection at the end of the pipe is where the anti-siphon valve goes. The anti-siphon valve serves two functions. It’s an electric remote control valve for your sprinkler system and a backflow preventer. The backflow preventer keeps bad irrigation water from entering the drinking water which goes into your home. The other function of the anti-siphon valve is responsible for holding water under pressure for your sprinkler lines. It opens and releases water to your lines when your control center for the sprinkler system tells it to. The Rain Bird 075 ASVF offers another feature in that it comes equipped with a filter designed to keep your lines clean of dirt and debris.

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