Coronavirus Prevention for Schools: Install Hands-Free Drinking Fountains

With businesses and schools attempting to re-open, we must take all the proper precautions. This will reduce the spread of germs so we can remain open. At PlumbersStock, we know there is at least one way we can help with Coronavirus prevention for schools: touchless, sensor-operated water coolers! Traditional drinking fountains facilitate the transmission of germs because you have to touch the push bar to operate them. There is no way to significantly mitigate this risk without removing the push bar altogether. Well, guess what? Elkay has done precisely that.

We want to ensure that school and business administrators are educated about what’s available. Here, we’ll cover all the different options for hands-free drinking fountains and bottle fillers.

Elkay Touchless Water Coolers

Some bi-level water coolers are hybrid configurations. That means that one side operates with a sensor, and the other, a push bar. For instance, the Elkay LZOTL8WSLK is an example of this kind of setup. However, since we want to reduce contact, we’ll only cover fully touchless models here.

ezH2O Filling Stations

comparison of ezh2o water dispensersInstalling an ezH2O bottle filler is the best strategy for Coronavirus prevention. If you really want to mitigate contact, then avoid drinking from the cooler altogether. Fountains have bubblers and let’s face it, kids are probably going to touch the bubblers. Consider that we’ve seen school administrators remove bubblers altogether, rendering the coolers useless. All of these water dispensers are ADA approved and are graded for commercial applications.

And if you are looking for something a little more sleek and stylish, try the:

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Water Storage for Emergency Preparedness

waterprepared white storage tank 150 gallon - verticalby Brett Thomas

We all learned it pretty young. “Be prepared” is the Boy Scout motto, and a good bit of advice. The people who know what to do in emergency situations are the ones who have taken the time to think in advance in preparation for these unwanted events in our lives. There are potential emergencies we may face, where we will not have access to running water. How long would your family survive without running water? It’s a tough question to answer if you don’t have anything on reserve. Well, we’re here to deliver some facts to help you understand the need, and prepare properly, and wouldn’t you know it, PlumbersStock has some great solutions for water storage for emergency preparedness.

Here are a couple great options for affordable, large-scale water storage:

Both are great options because you don’t have to have massive amounts of space to store an incredible amount of water. More on that a little later.

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