Product Update: TOTO Aquia IV Toilets Get an Upgrade

toto aquia iv toilets feature a skirted designThe summer of 2022 brings us exciting news about changes to one of our favorite TOTO collections, the renowned Aquia IV series. In September, almost the entire lineup is getting a refresh. This means old models will be phased out and replaced by the latest models with updated features. With one glance at the features and a peek at the designs, it’s easy to see why our customers love TOTO Aquia IV toilets. With literally hundreds of TOTO toilets at friendly prices, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s new in the Toto Aquia IV series?

The updated models have a larger water retention spot (55% larger) in the bowl. The water spot is the surface area of the water. This is a benefit because it’s easier to maintain a clean toilet and prevent clogs. In the new Aquia IV series, regular height toilets are slightly shorter than the predecessor (5/8 of an inch). If you choose a Universal Height version of an Aquia IV toilet, then there is no change to the updated models.

On top of those fantastic upgraded features, the list pricing on the new Aquia IV series will remain relatively the same!

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New WASHLET G450 and Toilet Combo by TOTO

toto washlet g450 toilet installedWe are so excited about our new product release because it comes from one of our favorite manufacturers. TOTO is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech toilets and innovative bathroom solutions with a range of technologically advanced products. TOTO is discontinuing the G400 (you can still get it here while supplies last). Its replacement, the new TOTO G450 WASHLET, combines a cutting-edge toilet design with an integrated electronic bidet seat, just like its predecessor. So what’s different about the G450?

Buy the TOTO G450 WASHLET with Integrated Toilet

G450 vs. G400

Each generation of smart toilets brings something new to the table. There are two main ways the G450 is an upgrade over the G400. First of all, the G450 WASHLET is much more compact. It measures just 21 inches from the ground, at its highest point, which is 6 inches shorter than the G400. Second of all, the G450 can maintain the same level of flushing performance as the G400 but with a more efficient flush.

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New TOTO 2021 Drake Toilet Update

toto logoIf you know anything about TOTO, you are probably well aware of their most popular toilet line, the Drake collection. Because it’s so popular, the line continues to see updates, and summer 2021 brings us yet another refresh of the series. This TOTO 2021 Drake toilet update is great news for cost-conscious consumers (more on that in a bit). The right toilet will make all the difference in your bathroom remodel, so an affordable toilet from the innovative engineers at TOTO is a great option.

When Will The New Product Be In Stock?

PlumbersStock will add the products in two phases. The key products should all be on the site and ready to sell by the end of the month (June 2021). You may not have put it together yet, but they are calling this 2021 Drake because it’s 2021.

What’s New in the TOTO 2021 Drake Toilet Update?

Short and to the point, TOTO is phasing out the legacy Drake toilets. They are replacing them with essentially the same toilet, but with a couple of upgrades. They now have CeFiONtect glazing, an ion-barrier technology that will keep your toilet cleaner with less maintenance. Additionally, they now feature TORNADO FLUSH, which is a powerful and efficient dual-nozzle water propulsion system.

Maybe the best part is that you get both these new TOTO 2021 Drake features at the same price point as the affordable legacy Drake models.

Which Key Drake Models Will Phase Out?

The entire list is quite long, but it’s basically all of the original Drake toilets. It’s probably best to spend our time on the MPN’s that we anticipate will be the biggest sellers. For the record, all of these models listed below have elongated bowls with two-piece configurations, in cotton white:
toto 21 drake toilet with cefiontect and tornado flush

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New TOTO WASHLETs, Toilets, Technology for 2021

The new year has brought some fun additions to the TOTO lineup, and we’re so excited to carry them here at PlumbersStock. We’re pleased to announce new TOTO WASHLETs, technology, and Aquia IV toilet designs. Times are changing, and it’s time for a few transitions. TOTO is replacing the old with better ideas and innovations. We’ll start with the sexiest products first, of course!


c2 washlet+ series in cotton whiteIn case you do not know, WASHLETs are a name-brand version of electronic bidet seats, but the two terms have become synonymous, much like Coke and soda. The technology that TOTO has developed has been leading the way for decades now. The C2 will be phasing out the classic C100 models.

The C2 has gentle aerated, warm water, and the dual-action spray comes with oscillating and pulsating features. You can adjust the water temperature and volume. The warm air drying feature allows three variable temperature settings. The Air deodorizer works automatically. You operate everything with the convenient arm control panel. The docking station makes it easy to install and clean. The heated seat allows for temperature control. EWATER+ auto-cleans the wand itself. The on-demand remote function cleans the wand with EWATER+ whenever you want. Last but not least, the water PREMISTs the bowl before each use, which keeps the toilet clean. There are three models:

The WASHLET+ option means it’s set up for a T40 connection (more on that later).

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Fall TOTO Release: Wall-Hung Toilet Replacement, CT418FG vs. CT426CFG, CT428CFG

We are excited to announce the new fall TOTO release which includes an abundance of amazing bathroom design solutions. Maybe the most important change to mention right off the bat is that the TOTO has replaced the CT418F, CT418FG with the CT426CFG and CT428CFG. We’ll get into the differences between the models and all the different options later in this post. The other thing worth noting is that there are several new faucet collections (GB, GC, GE, GF, and GM). No matter what you like from this fall release, remember that PlumbersStock is going to offer you some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere online, so buy TOTO here.

Replacing the CT418F and CT418FG

new TOTO AP wall-hung toilet model

With these older models, the difference between them was that the CT418F did not come with CEFIONTECT technology, and the CT418FG did include it. This is a finishing glaze that makes your toilet beautiful and easier to keep clean. With this new release, all the toilets include CEFIONTECT technology, so technically there is no direct replacement for the CT418F. The two new models offer more efficiency*, two distinct designs (CT426CFG and CT428CFG), and a variety of options.

*Dual Flush now offers 1.28 gpf or 0.9 gpf, whereas with older models it was 1.6 gpf or 0.9 gpf

New AP Wall-Hung Toilets (CT426CFG)

  • CT426CFG#01 AP – Dynamax Tornado, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT
  • CT426CFGT40#01 AP – Dynamax Tornado, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, with S500e WASHLET+
  • CWT426CMFG#WH AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT
  • CWT4263046CMFG#MS AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, with S500e WASHLET+
  • CWT4263056CMFGA#MS AP – Dynamax Tornado, Dual-Max, Universal Height, CEFIONTECT, Auto Flush, with S550e WASHLET+

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New TOTO Drake Toilets Release

Have you heard the news? TOTO is phasing out older Drakes with updated models. TOTO Drake toilets are very popular, so we have seen a lot of curiosity about this transition. The most frequently asked question we’re getting is what is the difference between the old Drakes and the new TOTO Drake toilets release? We’ll get into the nitty-gritty details in a moment, but the highlights are that the new Drakes all have Dynamax tornado flushing and sleek rimless bowl design. We’re going to focus on some of the most popular examples from the Drake series (we’ll be shipping these August 1st):

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The New TOTO GS Series

toto gs series 3-hole roman tub faucet
This is the brushed nickel TOTO GS 3-Hole Roman Tub Faucet (TBG03201U#BN)

The new TOTO GS series is a great solution for updating your bathroom. There are several different choices for lavatory faucets and matching bathtub trim. There are three distinct finishes in this collection: brushed nickel, polished nickel, and polished chrome. Just add #BN, #PN, or #CP to the end of each manufacturer product number (MPN) to modify it for the finish. At PlumbersStock, TOTO is one of our most popular brands, and it’s easy to see why. Their innovative designs are always on the cutting edge of style and technology.

TOTO GS Bathroom Sink Faucets

All the faucets in the GS collection include metal pop-up drain assemblies, are made with brass construction, and are WaterSense certified. This means they meet high-efficiency standards, as they operate at 1.2 gallons per minute.

3-Hole Lavatory Faucet

There is only one model in the TOTO GS series that fits this description, and it’s the TLG03201U widespread lavatory faucet. You can get it in three different finishes. This is meant for deck-mounted installations and the handles can be installed with an 8″ to 11″ spread.

1-Hole Lavatory Faucets

There are three models in the collection that fit this description. If you have a regular drop-in or undermount sink, then you should go with the TLG03301U lavatory faucet. Now if you have a vessel sink, the other two faucets are going to be the right solution for you. There is the TLG03303U semi-vessel faucet and also the TLG03305U vessel faucet. These are deck-mount faucets and on all three models, the lever is on top of the fixture which is part of what makes it easy to use (it’s called Comfort Glide technology). The faucets are ADA compliant, and the fact that it’s a one-hole installation makes things simpler. The ceramic cartridge features of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), which is extremely durable.

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TOTO Toilets Release – Summer 2018

new aimes and legato toilet models by toto

We’ve got some innovative new bathroom solutions in this TOTO toilets release, summer 2018. There are also quite a few complete bathroom sets being released, like the GS and the GR, which we will cover here on the blog at a later date. For now, we’re going to talk about these awesome new toilets. No matter what TOTO fixtures you get, you’re going to love it.

Before we get into the products, we need to explain some of the features. All of these toilets come with CeFiONtect ceramic glaze (formerly referred to as Sanagloss by TOTO). The seat designs are modern and slim and SoftClose means you will be limiting noisy disturbances for sleeping babies and partners.

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New TOTO Aquia IV Collection

installed toto aquia iv with washletWe’ve reached the fourth generation of one of the most popular toilet collections in the world, the new TOTO Aquia IV. PlumbersStock has proudly carried past iterations, and our customers loved them. TOTO is known for being one of the most technologically innovative plumbing manufacturers on the planet, and their specialties are toilets and bidet seats, particularly WASHLETs. If you’re interested in updating your master bathroom with all the bells and whistles, then you should strongly consider the Aquia IV Toilet w/ WASHLET. At the time we are publishing this post, we have four different options for that:

Remember, we have all kinds of options. If you want a toilet, you can get that. We’ll cover those in a minute, but for now, we’re going to talk about features for the options with included WASHLETs.

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New TOTO S500e & S550e WASHLETs (Infographic)

the new modern toto s550e washlet
This is the Modern style option for the new TOTO S550e.

Through the years, one of our most popular product lines has always been the WASHLET. In case you are unfamiliar, a WASHLET is a bidet toilet seat made by one of the most reputable and innovative manufacturers in the business, TOTO. We are so happy to introduce our customers to the new TOTO S500e and S550e WASHLETs! The new models include (in cotton white):

All 4 of these options are offered both in Sedona beige or cotton white and with the WASHLET+ concealed connection feature. If you are familiar with TOTO products, WASHLET+ is essentially the same thing as Connect+, except it’s a T40 connection that is compatible with WASHLET+ toilets.

All of these options are intended for elongated toilet installations. It’s been a few years since the S300e and S350e were released, so we are super excited to have a new addition to the collection. Unlike past updates, the S500e and S550e are actually replacing their predecessors. Soon enough, you will not be able to by the S300e and S350e (but the C100, C200, A100, and A200 will still be available). If you haven’t had experience with a WASHLET before, you should know that they are easy to install and offer simplicity with their convenient user experience.

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