Steam Showers

About Steam Showers

Installing a steam shower in your home will allow you the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own master bathroom without having to pay the price a health spa charges. PlumbersStock offers thousands of steam shower parts at very affordable prices.

An in-home unit can provide a spa experience at the touch of a button with a variety of different options.

What Is a Steam Shower?

They come in many shapes and sizes. All are moisture-sealed and enclosed. Some are built for one person with the option to enjoy clouds of steam before, during, and after his/her shower. Others are more social and are built to fit multiple persons like a sauna. Ironically this type of steam shower€ may not actually offer the shower feature. Some units offer options to adjust lighting and play music in the steam unit. There are many steam shower parts that you will need to make the entire unit function properly. You can conveniently purchase them individually or bundled in steam shower kits here at PlumbersStock.

With the demand for luxury items increasing over the years, it seems saunas and steam showers are becoming more and more popular all the time.

How Do Steam Showers Work?

Digital controls are installed within your shower unit. A nearby steam shower generator is installed somewhere within the bathroom. When the digital controls are turned on it allows the steam generator to fill with cold water. The cold water is then brought to a boil and dispersed into the showering unit. The tropical moisture style heat never rises above a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital control will allow you to customize the steam temperature and duration of use.


This technology is continually becoming a more water-efficient way to relax and unwind. Using a steam shower for 20 minutes uses approximately 2 gallons of water whereas showering or bathing, even with water-efficient body sprays and showerheads, can use up to 50 gallons. Though steam shower kits are more efficient with water they do require more power to disperse the hot water vapor throughout the shower units.


PlumbersStock only carries products from trusted manufacturers which is why we have cultivated partnerships with Aquatic, Thermasol, and other trusted brands. Two of the most respected names in steam shower parts.

Discount Steam Shower Systems at PlumbersStock

Though a steam shower generally requires the help of a professional you may be ambitious and knowledgeable enough to take on this project yourself. If you have any trouble choosing among steam shower generators, controls, etc. then please contact our professionals to help you with your purchasing decision. For the less experienced handyman, we recommend you hire out this job. This will help ensure you get a moisture-tight steam shower kit set up properly. You will not find better prices elsewhere. Find out for yourself why so many choose PlumbersStock again and again.

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