Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module Review – New & Improved

rain bird lnk2wifi module with phone app and controller (both sold separately)One of our most popular products in the past few years has been the original LINKWIFI module which Rain Bird will now phase out with a new LINK2WIFI (F55005) module. Here we explain the timetable for this change, the new potential features, and more. Rain Bird is a popular solution for homeowners and lawn care professionals for a good reason. If you find this Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi module review helpful, please share it with others.

To utilize this new WiFi remote control technology, you will need both the module and take note that it’s compatible with the following controller series:

    • ESP-ME3
    • ESP-TM2
    • ESP-Me WiFi
    • And ST8 controllers

When Will Rain Bird Introduce LINK2WIFI?

This is considered a direct replacement and will go down on 9/13/21. On that date, Rain Bird will no longer have inventory for LNKWIFI.

Rain Bird LNK vs. LNK2

The most common question we get is, is it worth the upgrade? While both the LNK and the LNK2 have almost the same features, there are some key differences to consider. The LNK2 offers several notable upgrades, such as connecting to more models like the ESP-Me, ESP-TM2, ESP-RZXe, ESP-LXME2, and ESP-LXIVM. In contrast, the LNK is only compatible with ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers. Additionally, the LNK2 is compatible with smart homes in North America, Europe, and Australia and has encrypted wireless communication to protect your privacy.

It is also important to note that the LNK2 module has a dual-band Wi-Fi radio, which allows it to connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, catering to your home’s Wi-Fi bandwidth. Another difference is that the LNK only connects through a hotspot connection, meaning your VPN, spam blockers, or antivirus apps must be bypassed upon connection. In contrast, the LNK2 module allows you to choose from a hotspot or Bluetooth connection, providing you with greater flexibility and ease of use.

Furthermore, the new module comes with an updated mobile app that offers more features and capabilities than the original, including custom watering schedules, real-time flow rates, and usage data, providing an easy and convenient lawn watering experience. Unlike the LNK, the LNK2 has a simplified installation process that uses a QR code and allows for quicker configuration through the app.

Ultimately, if you want a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly irrigation system, the LNK2 is the way to go.

LNK2WIFI Features

rain bird lnk2wifi module faqs infographic

According to the manufacturer, At launch, the LNK2 will have the same feature set as the current LNKWIFI module; however, the LNK2 will have additional capacity for us to introduce additional feature sets in the future.

One of the best bits of news is the new module cost is the same as the old one. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the new features yet; they will be integrated (available through download) with the modules later. We will learn more about the new features in early 2022. Here is what we do know about the product highlights:

  • Compatible with all Rain Bird WiFi Controllers, including ESP-ME3, ESP-TM2, ESP-Me WiFi, and ST8.
  • It’s easy to differentiate the old from the new because the new module is black (and the old one is gray).
  • Strengthened network connection.
  • Automatic weather adjustments provide daily run time changes.
  • Use your phone just like a wireless remote.
  • Excellent zone control allows you to water one zone, to water all zones, or to set a schedule.
  • Simple multi-site control.
  • Ensure peace of mind with push notifications that you can tailor to your needs.
  • Smart home compatible.
  • Local weather data is collected to adjust run times to match needs, saving up to 50% in water.
  • Privacy is ensured through encrypted communication.

Buy the Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi at PlumbersStock

It’s no secret that PlumbersStock has great deals on sprinklers, sprinkler controllers, and more. It’s no exception with the Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module. If you have any other questions about how to get this set up or how it works, please do not hesitate to contact us. Check out the old blog post about the original LNKWIFI for a setup guide (the process is more or less the same). Your new module will have an install guide to get exact instructions. It’s an easy-to-follow, streamlined process.

14 thoughts on “Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module Review – New & Improved”

  1. Hello.
    I live in Ohio, but I own a place in Sebring Florida.
    I have an ESP-TM2 controller there in Florida, but no WI-FI, because I don’t have local internet service since we’re only there three months a year.
    My neighbor has WI-FI that she allows me to “borrow” but not sure about the specs.
    My question is … is there any way the new lnk module will let me control the controller without WI-FI ?
    Thank you.

    • Hi there! Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the LNK2 Module is designed to work on network communications over a WiFi network connection. Without internet access from WiFi or LAN, you won’t be able to connect remotely to a compatible Rain Bird controller. For more information, please refer to this Technical Specification Sheet

  2. Hello,

    In terms of the WiFi specs, what is the difference between LNK and LNK2?
    The (preliminary) specs sheet does not specify the kind of connection(speed).

  3. I have two homes with Rainbird ESP-TM2 sprinkler controllers. One is already using WiFi at location1 and I have the app on my cell phone. If I add a WiFi accessory to location 2 (on different WiFI system, will I be able to control it through the same app I have already installed on my cell phone? If not, how can I easily manage both?

    • Hello! Thank you for sharing your concern with us regarding the Rainbird ESP-TM2 sprinkler controllers. Yes, you can control both of your controllers using the Rainbird F55005 LNK2WIFI WiFi Module. This plug-in device is designed for users who manage multiple controllers. Additionally, this features a free mobile app that provides user access to real-time alerts as well as advanced water management capabilities. Once you have added the WiFi accessory, installed the latest version of the Rain Bird mobile app, and as long as your locations are both connected to the internet via their respective WiFi systems, you should be able to control both Rainbird ESP-TM2 controllers through the same app on your cell phone. Please see these product videos Rain Bird LNK Wifi Module: Installation, Setup, and Connection and scroll down this page for other helpful videos. Thank you for asking for help from us! Have a great day!

    • Sorry for your troubles. The reason it is 2.4 is that frequency travels much further from the wireless router source, and these timers are installed outdoors, often far from the router.

      You may want to look into getting a router that has both frequencies. They’re becoming pretty standard for this very reason. You may be able to get an extender/repeater that converts the 5 to 2.4, but I’m not certain on that.

  4. Hello,
    I have the original LNK module installed. What benefits will I gain from LNK2? I cannot find any comparisons via Google.
    John b

    • What a great question. You reminded us to update the post. The LNK2 allows you upgrade more controller models than the original LNK. The other benefit is that it’s dual band WiFi (2.4 GHZz and 5 GHz).

  5. Hello,

    I have the ESP-ME controller. But I am not sure if the LNk module works on my controller because I don’t know if the unit is from before or after 2016 and according to your article I’m missing the “wifi” part in the name of the unit.
    How do I know for sure that the LNK2 module works with my ESP-ME controller?

    • Answer:
      If you’re looking to enhance the functionality of your ESP-ME controller with the LNK2 module, it’s essential to determine its compatibility. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure seamless integration and enjoy the benefits of advanced features.

      Step 1: Check for a White Label

      To begin, examine your ESP-ME controller for a white label. This label can be found either inside or outside the case and contains crucial information such as the model number, date code, and serial number. Locating this label is the first step towards determining the compatibility of the LNK2 module.

      Step 2: Identify the Manufacturing Date

      Once you’ve found the white label, focus on the date code mentioned on it. This code reveals the manufacturing date of your ESP-ME controller. If the code indicates a date before 2016, it means your unit was manufactured prior to that year. However, if the code suggests a date on or after November 2016, it means your unit was manufactured in or after that year.

      Compatibility Options

      Depending on your controller’s model and manufacturing date, there are two possible compatibility scenarios:

      Scenario 1: Compatible Models Manufactured after November 2016

      If your ESP-ME controller is one of the specified models (ESP-TM2, ESP-ME, or ST8) and was manufactured after November 2016, you can utilize the LNKWIFI Module (F55000). This module serves as a vital component for enabling Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing your controller to connect to your smartphone (Android or IOS). With the LNKWIFI Module, you can conveniently control your irrigation system remotely and enjoy the convenience of wireless technology.

      Scenario 2: Incompatible Models or Pre-November 2016 Manufacturing Date

      If your ESP-ME controller does not fall under the specified models manufactured after November 2016, an alternative solution is required. In this case, you will need the Rain Bird 639340 WIFI Capable Replacement Panel. This supplementary faceplate is designed to update your controller, making it compatible with Wi-Fi. By replacing the existing faceplate with the Rain Bird 639340, you can unlock the wireless capabilities of your ESP-ME controller.

      To fully utilize the benefits of this technology, you must have the Rain Bird LNKWIFI Module (F55000). However, if your controller does not fall under the specified compatible models manufactured after November ’16, you will also require the Rain Bird 639340 WIFI Capable Replacement Panel to update your controller accordingly.

  6. Why in some places the LNK2 is described as dual band and other places is says that is only works on the 2.1 WiFi band?

    • This is a good question. Can you please point me to where you are seeing that it’s not dual band? Once I have your source, I may be able to find better information.


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