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Coronavirus Prevention for Schools: Install Hands-Free Drinking Fountains

With businesses and schools attempting to re-open, we must take all the proper precautions. This will reduce the spread of germs so we can remain open. At PlumbersStock, we know there is at least one way we can help with Coronavirus prevention for schools: touchless, sensor-operated water coolers! Traditional drinking fountains facilitate the transmission of germs because you have to touch the push bar to operate them. There is no way to significantly mitigate this risk without removing the push bar altogether. Well, guess what? Elkay has done precisely that.

We want to ensure that school and business administrators are educated about what’s available. Here, we’ll cover all the different options for hands-free drinking fountains and bottle fillers.

Elkay Touchless Water Coolers

Some bi-level water coolers are hybrid configurations. That means that one side operates with a sensor, and the other, a push bar. For instance, the Elkay LZOTL8WSLK is an example of this kind of setup. However, since we want to reduce contact, we’ll only cover fully touchless models here.

ezH2O Filling Stations

comparison of ezh2o water dispensersInstalling an ezH2O bottle filler is the best strategy for Coronavirus prevention. If you really want to mitigate contact, then avoid drinking from the cooler altogether. Fountains have bubblers and let’s face it, kids are probably going to touch the bubblers. Consider that we’ve seen school administrators remove bubblers altogether, rendering the coolers useless. All of these water dispensers are ADA approved and are graded for commercial applications.

And if you are looking for something a little more sleek and stylish, try the: Continue reading

New Moen M-CORE Shower Valves

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of Moen M-CORE valves. If you are a homeowner, or especially an industry professional, then you should be excited about the new Moen M-CORE shower valves. This system is an installer’s dream. Industry professionals need to adopt M-CORE, and we’ll cover the reasons why. At PlumbersStock, we carry all the Moen faucets, parts, and accessories that you need.

What Is M-CORE?

moen m-core shower valve optionsThe first question you have must be, what is M-CORE? Simply put, it’s a shower valve system that makes the installation process easier for professionals. Moen describes it this way:

The M-CORE system features an integrated mounting bracket that secures the valve directly to a brace, streamlining the installation process. It offers a quicker temperature limit stop adjustment process, and the integrated test plug allows installers to easily flush and test the system without having to remove or install the cartridge. M-CORE mixing and transfer valves also are available in several inlet and outlet plumbing options to meet the needs of installers.

The next question people ask is, how does M-CORE work? To start, M-CORE valves have pressure-balancing capabilities that will manage temperature fluctuations as the water pressure in the home changes. They deliver great functionality, and the 3 Series trim is available in a wide range of styles and colors. We’ll let the experts at Moen explain the installation ease: Continue reading

Moen Colinet Faucets (with M-CORE) Are Here!

moen colinet single handle bathroom faucet installed

The Moen Colinet collection is here, and it’s fabulous. It’s a spectacular way to dress up your bathroom. Moen Colinet faucets are unique designs with excellent performance. The collection showcases four beautiful finishes: brushed nickel, brushed gold, chrome, and the show-stopper matte black. As Moen describes Colinet designs:

With its soft-arc bent-tube spout, flat bands on spout and base, a flared hub, and tailored traditional details, Colinet introduces a highly differentiated look to the Moen portfolio. What’s more, that look is extended across an impressive array of faucets and accessories for totally cohesive design throughout the bath. Handle options and finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, and matte black accentuate various characteristics of the collection, adapting Colinet to a wide range of environments.

The shower faucets are designed for M-CORE valves, which are outstanding. We’ll get more into that in a minute.

Moen Colinet Lavatory Faucets

moen colinet two handle bathroom faucet installed

There are five different styles and four finishes for a total of 20 lavatory faucet options. The one handle configuration is for deck-mount installations. The two handle options come with both deck-mounting and wall-mounting configurations:

Every type of installation offers lever handles, and the three-hole (two-handle) installations offer cross handles, too. Continue reading

Introducing Moen Aromatherapy Showers with Magnetix

If you’re ready to take your shower to the next level, Moen has got you covered! We are super excited to introduce the brand new Moen aromatherapy showers with Magnetix technology. With a strong reputation for innovative, beautiful designs, this new collection further affirms its place in the industry. As Moen describes it:
moen aromatherapy magnetix combo shower installed

The Moen Aromatherapy Shower creates a luxurious sensory experience. Six spray settings on the hand shower provide optimal water pressure and excellent coverage. Add an INLY Aromatherapy Shower Capsule to your routine and infuse the shower with essential oils and spa-inspired fragrances. Relax. Rejuvenate. Reinvent your time in the shower with Moen.

There are three different types of products in this collection, and two different finishes (chrome and Spot Resist brushed nickel):

  1. You can get the hand shower, or
  2. The combination shower, and in either case, you’re going to need
  3. INLY aromatherapy shower capsules (there are four different fragrances).

What Is Magnetix?

Magnetix is a patented docking system that allows for the easy and powerful release and return of the hand shower. It’s a wonderful feature because you can relocate the hand shower with your eyes closed or with your back to the dock. Continue reading

Hot Items at PlumbersStock, Spring 2020

It’s that time of year! Are you ready for grass? Are you ready to do what it takes to have beautiful green grass? PlumbersStock has everything you need to get your lawn and garden looking pristine. Check out our sprinklers and other hot spring items in this post. If your stuck home all day, sheltering in place, you might as well work on your home. Make it a more tolerable stay-cation.

Sprinkler Supply

The most respected names in the industry can be found here at discount prices. We have Rain Bird, Toro, and more. People are going crazy for the Rain Bird LNK WiFi module. The technology enables smartphone control over your sprinkler system. There are so many features; it makes more sense just to check out the product page for more information. Continue reading

New Moen Kitchen & Bathroom Collections, Spring 2020

Three brand new Moen kitchen and bathroom collections are hitting the market right now, and PlumbersStock has everything in these lineups listed at competitive prices. Moen is a customer favorite around here, and if you’ve ever owned a Moen faucet, then you know why. This release includes the following:

  • Sinema kitchen faucets
  • Sleek kitchen faucets
  • Nebia showerhead w/ hand shower combos

Sinema Kitchen Faucets

moen sinema pulldown kitchen faucet installedThe Moen Sinema collection is inspired by the art deco period of the 1920s, and these pulldown faucets are a perfect fit for kitchens in the 2020s. As Moen describes the lineup, “Epitomizing grandeur, the fixture includes a secondary, alternate handle in contrasting finishes that features an art deco-inspired, etched shell motif, to inject dramatic elegance into any culinary space.

First of all, the pulldown hose offers extensive reach. It is self-retracting (Reflex system) with advanced docking technology (Duralock Quick Connect). The wand has two different spray functions, including patented Power Boost. Most noteworthy, Moen Sinema kitchen faucets come equipped with the reliable 1255 Duralast cartridge. There are four different finishes (chrome, matte black, polished nickel, Spot Resist stainless) for each of the following models:

Here is the full Moen press release about the Sinema collection. Continue reading

Voice-Activated U by Moen Smart Faucet Release

installed sleek u by moen faucet with alexa deviceIf you were a fan of the U by Moen shower valve release, you’re in luck because they are now introducing U by Moen smart faucets. As you can imagine, the features are numerous and transformative. Moen is billing their design as “your new kitchen assistant.” This voice-activated technology is available with some of your favorite kitchen faucet models, in various finishes:

Continue reading

Pfister Neera Kitchen Faucets Are Here!

matte black pfister neera culinary kitchen faucet installedWe’re bursting with excitement at the launch of this new series of Pfister Neera kitchen faucets. It’s an excellent option for anybody serious about cooking. Not only is it beautiful, but it delivers the functionality that a professional needs. Currently, we carry two options, each in four different finishes. One is a semi-pro culinary design and the other a standard pull-down. As Pfister describes the collection:

If there’s one faucet that’s prepared to bring out your inner chef at the drop of an impromptu dinner party, Neera is it. Soft, clean, transitional lines look beautiful in repose while the culinary option hints contemporary flair. This powerhouse is packed with features for chefs and foodies alike. Available in the most current finishes, Neera’s all the inspiration you need to dive into a new cookbook or two.

Neera Features

These new Neera faucets are one hole configurations with one handle, 360-degree rotating spouts, and high arc designs. Both models offer a 3-function spray (spray, stream, pause) head that is easy to maintain with wipe clean nozzles. Each comes with Pforever Seal ceramic disc valve technology, which has a reputation for lasting integrity. The forward-only handle control gives it personality, and it’s easy to use. The pull-down spray is supported by AccuDock secure docking patented technology. They both operate powerfully at just 1.8 GPM. Continue reading

New Manufacturer: Trone Smart Toilets

There’s a new kid in town within the bidet toilet combo industry. Trone Plumbing smart toilets are hitting the market with an excellent selection of models that will take your bathroom into the future. The innovative engineers at Trone have come up with dazzling designs. They combine the cutting edge technology of electronic bidet seats with fashion-forward toilets. You will love the sharp edges, and the features can change your quality of life. Here are the models of Trone bidet toilet combos that we carry here at PlumbersStock:


Its curved front and compact design typify this floor-mounted, elongated Nobelet series. You can get the Nobelet in either matte black or white, and both look amazing. The ADA-approved 18.5″ rim height needs to be taken into account. That may be too tall for some, but for others, it makes life so much better. It’s an environmentally-conscious option, as it operates with a powerful siphon jet flushing system at 1.3 gpf with multiple flushing modes.

nobelet bidet toilet combos, both black and white

The bidet seat works off of remote control. The sensors help to maintain hygiene. The adjustable spray wand allows you to get the customization you need for thorough cleaning. And the feature you’ll be so happy to have on a cold winter’s day, the heated seat! Let’s not forget, there is an LCD InfoSCREEN, a dryer/deodorizer, and more. Continue reading

Takagi X3 Tankless Water Heaters Are Coming!

new takagi x3 tankless water heater releaseedit url before publishing

Ask any plumber, and they’ll tell you, one of the biggest problems faced by tankless water heaters is scale build-up. Maintenance can be a big pain, and it threatens the life of the water heater unit. The innovative engineers at Takagi have a solution. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why we’re so excited about the new Takagi X3 scale prevention technology. As Takagi explains this innovation:

Our cutting edge X3 technology extends the life of the unit three times longer than traditional tankless and makes it the first tankless product that maintains “like new” performance without requiring regular scale-related maintenance.

If you are familiar with Takagi as a company, it should come as no surprise to you that they continue to lead the way with quality engineering. As of this December 2019 announcement, Takagi has only three gas-fueled X3 models scheduled for Q1 2020 release (the exact date is not yet known):

Takagi X3 Features

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of the features you will get with any of the Takagi X3 tankless water heater models. They only differ in their output: Continue reading