New Moen Widespread Trim and Valve Combinations

We are excited to announce that Moen has a new product release, and they just made plumbing easier. The Moen widespread trim and valve combinations will allow you to install your new bathroom sink faucet conveniently. The engineers at Moen have made components that are easy to install, and these packages include everything: the faucet, rough-in valve, and drain assembly. Check out the 6 popular collections where they’ve added this option:

moen widespread trim and valve combination matte black Gibson
The matte black Moen Gibson trim and valve package.

Gibson Faucet Kits

Available in three stunning finishes—polished chrome, matte black, and brushed nickel—this Gibson faucet package offers everything you need in one convenient purchase. You get a complete faucet with a drain and M-PACT common valve system.

As the manufacturer describes it, the Gibson collection gives contemporary industrial design a softer point of view. The tubular spout and handles mirror the look of exposed piping, while polished edges create a chic and Modern style.

The flexible, widespread configuration achieves optimal comfort, accommodating sink sizes ranging from 8 to 16 inches center-to-center. The WaterSense-certified 1.2 GPM flow rate ensures efficiency and conservation.

Glyde Faucet Kits

moen TV package combination chrome Glyde

This Glyde faucet is beautiful and is available in polished chrome (pictured), matte black, and brushed nickel finishes. Complete with a drain and M-PACT common valve system. The TV6173 package offers everything you need for a hassle-free faucet installation.

As the manufacturer describes it, elegantly simple, the Glyde collection’s graceful curves and contours flow as beautifully as the faucet’s water stream, creating a Transitional style that spans a variety of decorating trends.

The TV6173 boasts an elegant, secure, widespread configuration, providing handle and spout placement flexibility to accommodate various sink sizes. With handles spaced from 8 to 16 inches center-to-center, users enjoy enhanced comfort and convenience.

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Introducing Concrete Sinks and Tubs by ALFI

alfi concrete tub for freestanding configurationIndulge in the fusion of modern aesthetics and enduring quality with ALFI’s stunning collection of concrete sinks and tubs. Elevate your bathroom space into a haven of sophistication where style meets durability. Discover six exquisite bathroom sink models and three luxurious tub models designed to transform your daily routine into a truly luxurious experience.

ALFI’s commitment to quality is evident: “Our ALFI brand solid concrete sinks are designed to offer a clean, modern aesthetic that will last for many years to come.”

Concrete Sinks:

  1. Tear Drop 21″ Above Mount Vessel Sink (ABCO21O, pictured below): Embrace a clean and modern aesthetic with the 21-inch solid concrete teardrop-shaped vessel sink. The above-mount design adds contemporary flair, ensuring a durable and stylish addition to your bathroom oasis.
  2. Wavy Oval 23″ Above Mount Vessel Sink (ABCO23O): Immerse yourself in the organic beauty of the 23-inch wavy oval vessel sink. The unique design adds fluidity to your bathroom space, blending artistry with functionality for a serene and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Chiseled Style Rectangular 24″ Above Mount Vessel Sink (ABCO24R): For those who appreciate clean lines and rugged elegance, the 24-inch solid concrete rectangular vessel sink with chiseled style is the perfect choice. It seamlessly combines modern design with a touch of natural aesthetics.
  4. Trough 39″ Sink for the Bathroom (ABCO39TR): Embrace the industrial-chic trend with the 39-inch solid concrete gray matte trough sink. Its spacious design and matte finish add a contemporary touch, making it an ideal choice for a bold statement piece.
  5. 40″ Rectangular Countertop Sink (ABCO40R): Achieve a balance of elegance and functionality with the 40-inch solid concrete rectangular countertop sink. Its sleek design makes it a versatile addition to modern bathrooms, offering both style and durability.
  6. 48″ Rectangular Countertop Sink (ABCO48R): Make a bold statement with the 48-inch solid concrete rectangular countertop sink. Its generous size and modern design ensure a luxurious and enduring focal point in your bathroom.

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New Moen Eco-Performance 1.5 GPM Shower Heads

S176EP15BL matte black Moen Eco-Performance rain shower head with 1.5 gallons per minute flow rateMoen, a leading name in the world of bathroom fixtures, has again raised the bar with its latest product release: the 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) shower heads. Designed to revolutionize your shower experience, Moen introduces three distinct models, each catering to different preferences and needs. You will love these new Moen Eco-Performance 1.5 GPM shower heads. Let’s delve into the features of these cutting-edge shower heads that promise exceptional water conservation and a luxurious shower experience.

No matter what kind of shower head you need, we have thousands of affordable options.

Rain 1-Function Eco-Performance Shower Heads (S176EP15)

The S176EP15 is a game-changer in the realm of rain shower heads. Boasting a 6-3/4″ diameter spray head delivers exceptional water coverage, enveloping you in a soothing cascade of water. What sets it apart is the advanced Moen Immersion™ rainshower technology, which self-pressurizes the water channels, providing three times more spray power than traditional rain shower heads. This innovation ensures a thorough rinse, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. The one-function full rainshower further simplifies your experience, making it practical and indulgent.

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New Wall-Hung TOTO Neorest WX1 and WX2 Bidet Toilets

new Wall-Hung TOTO Neorest WX1 smart toilet installedTOTO has again taken center stage in the ever-evolving world of bathroom innovation by releasing its latest series. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the new wall-hung TOTO Neorest WX1 and WX2 smart bidet toilets.

What is the difference between Neorest WX1 and WX2?

The two models differ only in one thing: the WX2 has ACTILIGHT. This groundbreaking feature ensures the toilet stays immaculate with minimal effort. By utilizing light, oxygen, and water – without additional chemicals – the ACTILIGHT technology epitomizes the marriage of sustainability and convenience. The WX1 is considered a replacement for the EW, and the WX2 is a replacement for the AC.

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Moen Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Moen reverse osmosis water filtration system installedIn an exciting announcement on December 20th, 2023, Moen revealed the eagerly awaited phase 2 of its Water Filtration portfolio. This new release promises to redefine how we experience water purity in our homes. It introduces cutting-edge products designed to enhance functionality and style. Moen reverse osmosis water filtration systems are at the core of this release. This release includes:

We don’t have all of the products yet, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check back next week!

What Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration is a highly effective process that removes impurities from water. It utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to separate contaminants, such as minerals, heavy metals, and microorganisms, from the water molecules. Pressure is applied to force water through the membrane, allowing only pure water to pass through. The result is exceptionally clean and purified water, making RO a popular choice for improving water quality in homes and businesses.

Let’s delve into the critical features of this exciting release.

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Introducing Moen Tenon Kitchen Faucets

moen S74001BL tenon kitchen sink faucet in matte blackThe Moen Tenon kitchen faucet series emerges as a beacon of elegance and innovation in kitchen design, where form meets function. Renowned for its commitment to quality and style, Moen introduces a collection that redefines the modern kitchen. Tenon offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional series, comprising three distinctive models and four exquisite finishes.

Moen Tenon Kitchen Faucet Features

No matter which model you buy, they all include the following features. You have your choice of four finishes. Select polished chrome, Spot Resist stainless steel, matte black, or brushed gold. The patented DuraLock docking technology for the pull-down spray is a game-changer. This innovative technology ensures a secure and hassle-free connection. It also prevents the spray wand from drooping over time. PowerBoost is an intensified spray technology. This feature provides a boosted stream of water for quicker cleanups and more efficient dishwashing. Moen Tenon faucets make kitchen tasks more manageable.

Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucets

The workhorse of the collection, these faucets bring sophistication to your primary kitchen space. With a versatile pull-down spray wand, these faucets provide extended reach and flexibility. This beautiful faucet makes kitchen chores a breeze.

Smart Motion Control Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucets

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Moen Verso Infiniti Dial Shower Solutions

moen verso infiniti dial rainshower shower head
This is the Eco-Performance Moen Verso 220R5EP in polished chrome.

The Moen Verso release in 2022 was one of the most popular of the year. They are doing it again as we enter the latter part of 2023. Check out the latest Moen Verso Infiniti Dial shower heads and hand showers. The engineers at Moen fixate on solutions that improve user experience, conserve resources, and dazzle the eye of the beholder. These new Infiniti Dial fixtures are no exception. Shop PlumbersStock for great prices on the latest innovations from your favorite manufacturer.

New Moen Verso Infiniti Dial Options

This series has four stunning finishes: brushed nickel, polished chrome, matte black, and brushed gold. These showering solutions are a testament to Moen’s commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Infiniti Dial Rainshower Shower Heads

The Infiniti Dial rainshower shower heads stand out with their luxurious 7″ spray face, providing an indulgent shower experience. Whether you prefer a square or round shape, Moen offers both options to integrate seamlessly into your bathroom design. Here are a few options to check out. Remember, there are four color options for each model:

The flexibility they offer in water flow rates sets these rainshower heads apart. Choose between the 2.5 gallons per minute for a robust shower. Or choose the Eco-Performance option, which delivers a water-efficient 1.75 gallons per minute without compromising comfort. This choice empowers users to tailor their shower experience to their preferences and environmental values.

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Introducing Grundfos UPSe and New ALPHA Circulator Pumps

grundfos upse circulator pumpComing Soon!

In case you haven’t heard, Grundfos is discontinuing ALPHA1 and ALPHA2 lines, and we’re excited to introduce New ALPHA and USPe circulator pumps. These state-of-the-art circulator pumps will improve the efficiency of your home and increase comfort. Circulator pumps accomplish this by allowing quicker access to hot water with less burden on your water heater.

What Are Grundfos USPe Circulator Pumps?

The Grundfos UPSe circulator pumps are a type of high-efficiency circulator specifically for heating systems. These pumps are engineered to provide significant energy savings compared to traditional non-ECM (electronically commutated motor) pumps commonly used in heating applications. Here’s an explanation of the key features and benefits of the Grundfos UPSe circulator pumps based on the information provided:

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New Matte Black Moen Bathroom Faucet Additions

new matte black moen tub and shower faucet trim from 90 degree seriesWe’re excited to announce new matte black Moen bathroom faucet additions to a few of our favorite collections: 90 Degree, Belfield, and Voss! Our customers love Moen faucets, and it’s no secret why. They are an industry leader in terms of innovation and aesthetic designs. No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got the Moen bathroom series you need (as long as it hasn’t been discontinued):

90 Degree Matte Black Additions

The Moen 90 Degree collection is a stunning embodiment of contemporary elegance, featuring a range of fixtures, including bathroom sink faucets, shower trim, tub and shower trim, and Roman tub trim – all now finished in sleek and timeless matte black. Moen aptly describes this collection as a fusion of “ultra-modern styling” and minimalism. Its geometric forms, squared corners, and straight lines create a striking visual language that is perfect for modern bathrooms.

Pictured above is the Moen 90 Degree UTS2713EPBL tub/shower trim.

The matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication and ensures durability and easy maintenance. These fixtures are more than just functional; they are design statements, instantly elevating any bathroom. The 90 Degree collection is more than just a set of fixtures; it’s a comprehensive suite that can transform your entire bathroom into a cohesive urban oasis. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom or create a bold contemporary design, the Moen 90 Degree collection is perfect. It offers the promise of form and function in every piece.

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Introducing the Delta SteamScape Steam Shower Series

Imagine coming home after a long, stressful day and stepping into a steam-filled oasis that melts away your worries. The Delta SteamScape Steam Shower Series can make this dream a reality. Enhance your well-being, conserve water and energy, and enjoy a spa-like experience. Did you know you can save on all Delta steam showers online at PlumbersStock? If you’re looking for a steam shower kit, we have you covered.

Delta SteamScape Generator Options

delta steamscape generatorThe Delta SteamScape Steam Shower Series offers various generator options to suit your needs. You can find the perfect fit for your space with power ratings ranging from 5kW to 15kW and voltage options of 208v, 220v, and 240v. Most generators are single-phase, ensuring easy installation. However, for more demanding requirements, a three-phase option is available. Thanks to its compact design, you can be flexible about where you install your generator. Put it in a vanity, closet, or insulated attic or basement. Delta steam shower generators are known for their power and efficiency.

Each SteamScape generator comes with a 35-foot cable, ensuring installation flexibility, and they’re all UL-listed, meeting the highest safety standards. Additionally, they come with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing years of reliable steam shower enjoyment. The stainless steel tank ensures durability and corrosion resistance, lasting your investment.

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