New RIDGID Pipe Patching Kits

We are excited to announce the new RIDGID Pipe Patching kits. Known for their ingenuity, the developers at RIDGID made their own systems for CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) patching. CIPP is a method used worldwide for repairing sections of broken or damaged pipes. This method is known for its quick return on investment, easy learning curve, effectiveness, and reliability, often lasting for decades. RIDGID provides everything needed to get started.

What is CIPP?

process for ridgid pipe patching

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) patching is a practice of efficiently repairing damaged lines. It’s practical and cost-effective. CIPP is quickly becoming a frontrunner in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Here is the process, more or less:

  1. Using a camera, inspect the damaged pipe, clear away any blockage and clean the line of debris.
  2. Navigate the Packer with the patch to the patch location, inflate the packer, and let the resin set for its set time.
  3. After the resin has cured, deflate the packer and remove it.

Work time can be as little as fifteen minutes but requires a minimum of 90 minutes for the resin to set. CIPP can be a profitable standalone business or a significant addition to businesses already offering trenchless rehabilitation.

What systems and kits does RIDGID offer?

RIDGID is offering four starter systems and four patch kits. The difference between a starter system and a patch kit is a starter kit has all the tools needed to perform the patch job, including the packer. While the patch kit includes the resin and the packer sleeves, they are sold separately, but each patch kit corresponds to a starter system based on pipe size. Ridgid’s smallest pipe patch system is for a 2-inch pipe with options up to 6 inches.

Starter System

There are four different options for starter kits:

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Introducing the New Ridgid RP 115 Mini Press Tool

Ridgid RP 115 Mini press tool in a action, connecting water heater linesQuality press tools are an excellent example of why Ridgid is a top-of-the-line brand. Their engineers have designed the new Ridgid RP 115 mini press tool, and it’s a beauty. It is ready for pre-order as of August 16, 2022. Because of its compact, single-handed jaw operation, this option gives you more access and convenience working in tight spaces with relatively small fittings. This size advantage is especially useful in residential work. Check out this lineup:

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Check Out the Milwaukee M18 Carry-On Power Supply

milwaukee m18 carry-on power supply in actionWe are excited to announce an amazing portable power supply solution. The new Milwaukee M18 carry-on power supply is a versatile 15 amp, hassle-free option. This is no surprise, given that Milwaukee has a strong reputation for intelligent engineering. With its compact and lightweight design, you can take it anywhere. It supports 15 amps output, which is crucial for working with a team that needs to be running multiple tools. This M18 Carry-on is expected to ship in October 2022.

Why portable power?

Even with the increased popularity (and effectiveness) of cordless power tools, we still rely on corded power supply on the job site. Battery packs die and frequently need recharge (obviously, you would only use this carry-on to charge non-M18 batteries). On top of that, not every tool has a cordless option. And with contractors going paperless, you’re seeing more laptops on job sites (or other sensitive electronic devices for viewing blueprints).

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Introducing the Redback Pro 120V Cordless Power Tools

Last year, we added Redback to our catalog, and these tools have been flying off the shelves. In addition to the popular 40V Swift (brush motors) and Flex (brushless) series, Redback is the innovative manufacturer behind the MowRo robot lawnmower that automatically mows your grass for you. Well, it gets better. PlumbersStock now has the Redback Pro series, a line of 120V cordless power tools for lawn and garden care. These are also brushless motors, and the motor and the interchangeable Lithium-ion battery system offer a stunning amount of power.

Note: you’ll see the batteries have Ah ratings. This rating is called amp hours, and it signifies the power with which it can operate for an hour. So, for example, 3 Ah means that it can operate at 3 amps for an hour.

120V Leaf Blowers

A commercial-grade leaf blower makes clean-up easy. 120V batteries offer enough power to take care of quite a mess, and with multiple batteries (because you’ve bought numerous Redback tools), you can cover a large property. Choose between battery and kit combos. If you don’t need a battery, you can toggle to the tool only option from the product pages below:

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New Redback Cordless Power Tools – Flex 40V Series

If you like the affordability and quality of Swift tools, then you’re going to love the brushless motors version with our selection of Redback tools. It’s easy to see why we are excited to introduce Redback cordless power tools, which you can now buy here at PlumbersStock. The interchangeable 40v battery system is so convenient for managing the various tools in the series.

Redback Leaf Blowers

leaf blower and vacuum Redback cordless power toolA leaf blower makes yard clean-up so easy, but do you know what’s even better than that? A blower/vacuum combo. You can collect leaves as you pass over them, which is especially helpful when maintaining a desertscape yard with rocks.

40V batteries offer enough power to take care of quite a mess, and with multiple batteries (because you’ve bought numerous Redback tools), you can cover a large yard. You can get the regular leaf blower or the vacuum combo:

Swift Cordless 40V Chainsaw Review

cutting with the swift 40v cordless chainsaw

by Nathan Baker

I live in Arizona, and I have a huge Honey Mesquite tree that is becoming a problem. During tsunami season, we experience incredibly strong winds. The tree is so big it’s getting close to covering the street and my neighbor’s driveway. A storm could potentially pull a limb right off and drop it on somebody’s nice truck or the roof of my house, and I want to avoid that.

I decided to buy a Swift EB212D2 chainsaw to take care of the problem. I’m very happy with the purchase, and I’ll cover exactly why in this Swift cordless 40v chainsaw review. PlumbersStock carries all Swift tools, and I’ve been very pleased with the mower and now the chainsaw that I’ve bought.

If you need a replacement 12″ blade, the specs are 3/8″ pitch – 43 Guage (Narrow Kerf) – 46 drive links.

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Swift 40V Power Tools Are Here!

It’s springtime, and we have added a new line of garden power tools to help you keep up with your landscaping. If you’re looking to get an interchangeable battery system that you can afford, then you’re in luck. We are excited to announce that Swift 40V power tools are here! They offer a wide selection of brush motor tools that all operate with the use of rechargeable 40V lithium-ion batteries. Everything in the lineup works off the same 40V battery.

Swift Mowers

Right now, there are two different mowers to choose from, and both are great options. The wide one comes with a 15-inch blade (17-inch wide base), and the compact one comes with a 13-inch blade (15-inch base).

mowing the lawn with swift mower

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New Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers for Framing

milwaukee m18 fuel nailer 21-degree in action
If you work construction, particularly as a framer, then man, oh man, do we have a treat for you! The new Milwaukee M18 FUEL nailers are next level. It’s part of the larger M18 FUEL series, which means you can use your compatible batteries with these nailers if you already have them. Milwaukee tools are known for their quality and ingenuity, and you’re going to love the features that these FUEL nailers offer:

  • M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries
  • POWERSTATE brushless motors
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence
  • Three nails per second, which is best in class

21-Degree M18 FUEL Nailer

A 21-degree nailer is an excellent option for getting a lot of work done quickly. It will allow you to access corners, but not as tight of corners as 30-degree nailers.

30-Degree M18 FUEL Nailer

You’ll want this M18 FUEL nailer to get into tight spots because the angle allows you better access. Typically the steeper the degree, the smaller the magazine, but Milwaukee engineers have designed an extended clip that will enable more efficient use of your time with the tool.

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MowRo Robot Lawn Mowers Are Here!

redback robot lawn mower rm24a in yard
This is the RM24A

Modern technology is making life easier for homeowners in several different ways. Few are as exciting as these innovative, new robot lawn mowers. We at PlumbersStock, are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with MowRo. As their online distributor for power tools, we are bursting at the seams to tell you about their two robot mower models:

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Introducing the New Milwaukee MX FUEL Battery System

action shot of milwaukee mx fuel core drillYou’ve never seen anything quite like the new Milwaukee MX FUEL battery system! If you are a professional plumber, contractor, or just a serious DIY type, you are probably in the market for a powerful cordless solution for the biggest jobs. If this is you, then you should buy MX FUEL tools. We’re talking heavy-duty tools here, and we’ll get to them in a minute. One great thing about MX FUEL is that Milwaukee designed the system with entirely interchangeable batteries.

What sets the MX FUEL series apart (and this is true of any Milwaukee FUEL series), they come equipped with POWERSTATE brushless motors. According to the manufacturer, this means the equipment is engineered uniquely for the demands of each and is optimized for the perfect combination of performance, portability, and productivity.

MX FUEL Batteries

There are two different types of MX FUEL battery. The Milwaukee MXFCP203 is commonly referred to as just CP203 and takes 45 minutes to charge. The larger Milwaukee MXFXC406 is commonly referred to as XC406 and takes 90 minutes to charge. Pick your poison. In either case, you are getting a quality, powerful REDLITHIUM battery. For more information on the batteries, check out this MX FUEL battery buying guide.

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