New RIDGID Pipe Patching Kits

We are excited to announce the new RIDGID Pipe Patching kits. Known for their ingenuity, the developers at RIDGID made their own systems for CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) patching. CIPP is a method used worldwide for repairing sections of broken or damaged pipes. This method is known for its quick return on investment, easy learning curve, effectiveness, and reliability, often lasting for decades. RIDGID provides everything needed to get started.

What is CIPP?

process for ridgid pipe patching

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) patching is a practice of efficiently repairing damaged lines. It’s practical and cost-effective. CIPP is quickly becoming a frontrunner in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Here is the process, more or less:

  1. Using a camera, inspect the damaged pipe, clear away any blockage and clean the line of debris.
  2. Navigate the Packer with the patch to the patch location, inflate the packer, and let the resin set for its set time.
  3. After the resin has cured, deflate the packer and remove it.

Work time can be as little as fifteen minutes but requires a minimum of 90 minutes for the resin to set. CIPP can be a profitable standalone business or a significant addition to businesses already offering trenchless rehabilitation.

What systems and kits does RIDGID offer?

RIDGID is offering four starter systems and four patch kits. The difference between a starter system and a patch kit is a starter kit has all the tools needed to perform the patch job, including the packer. While the patch kit includes the resin and the packer sleeves, they are sold separately, but each patch kit corresponds to a starter system based on pipe size. Ridgid’s smallest pipe patch system is for a 2-inch pipe with options up to 6 inches.

Starter System

There are four different options for starter kits:


Packers are durable and flexible silicon-coated rubber tools. They easily fit in a strait pipe, 90-degree angle p-traps, and adapters. Packers inflate, pushing standing water away from the patch location and ensuring the resin sets in the proper shape. There are four different sizes of packer tools (74743, 74748, 74753, and 74763).

Containment Kits

Containment kits protect the packer from overinflating or puncturing by debris. They include up to 10′ of containment liner, best suited for P-traps, bends, and adapters. In addition, it allows for a better patch to severely damaged pipe sections. The containment kit MPNs are 74723, 74728, 74733, and 74738.

Air Push Rods

The air push rods help to navigate the packer into position. They also feature a lockable, hexagonal fitting that keeps them secured to the packer while moving through the pipe. They come in increments of 5 feet and can be combined to repair damages farther down the line.


The accessories included in the starter pack will ensure increased productivity on the job site. Accessories include a carry bag, ball and spring leader guide, air regulator, quick link, “D” ring, pull rope, a flexible adapter, and a 100-foot air hose.

  • The carry bag – is big enough to fit multiple packers and air push rods, adding convenience to the workday.
  • Air Regulator – Helps maintain Packer operating pressure during resin set time.
  • Ball & Spring Leader Guide – Helps navigate Packer around tight bends and p-traps.
  • Flexible Adapter- Provides additional flexibility between Packer & Air Push Rods.
  • “D” Ring – Attach to the front or rear of Packer, allowing you to pull Packer into place or remove it from the line after pushing.
  • Quick Links – Save yourself time and mess by prepping your Pull Rope with a Quick Link during the wet-out process. Simply attach to the “D” Ring to connect Pull Rope to the Packer.
  • Pull Rope – Navigate challenging pipe configurations by pulling Packer into place & remove Packer after the patch is complete.

Patch Kit

Pipe patch kits are designed for quick and efficient trenchless pipe repair, with all required components packaged together to get the job done right. These kits make inventory management incredibly simple. Fiberglass liners meet ASTM F1216 requirements. The cured patches have a life expectancy of up to 50 years under normal conditions. The four patch kits (74693, 74698, 74703, and 74713) include the following:

  • Part A Resin (6′ Repair Kits include 2 Bottles)
  • Part B Resin (6′ Repair Kits include 2 Bottles)
  • Fiberglass Liner
  • 2 Packer Sleeve
  • Table Covering
  • Patch Tape
  • Elastic Bands
  • 4 Pairs of Gloves

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